Hyatt Golf Park Hotel

Hyatt Park Hotel Dubai

Hyatt Golf Park also called the Park Hyatt is a very well known and often visited hotel and resort, mostly famous for its great location for golfers, as Hyatt Golf Park is located right next to the world famous Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club at the Dubai Creek, which is one of the most beautiful sites of Dubai.

Hyatt Golf Park hotel has rooms with a view to Dubai Creek; the nearby water-taxi enables everyone to get to the Medina of Bur Dubai and Deira, where there are the best souks or marketplaces of all kind, namely the gold souk and the blue souk, to mention a few examples. The old city centres now shines in their old light, after a long renovation period. From here, you can easily get to the New Dubai area, which is the Jumeirah quarter, including the beautiful and modern Jumeirah Beach with the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina or The Palm Jumeirah, being the very first of the palm-tree shaped artificial islands having the most beautiful Hotel Atlantis resort, situated on its outer ring. Jumeirah Beach also offers such attractions as the most beautiful Wild Wadi Water Park or the Aquaventure Theme Park containing remains of the Atlantis.

You can find restaurants and bars mostly in the Dubai Creek area. It is mainly a touristic area and is very popular of its more down to Earth style, with the Irish Village in Karama and the huge Dubai Creek Park with dozens of different attractions. Hyatt Golf Park is definitely one of these attractions. Hyatt Golf Park is one of the many huge hotels Hyatt Hotels located in Dubai. Of golfing facilities, it also offers a large relaxation and sports area containing a huge gym and a large swimming pool area as well. The rooms of Hyatt Golf Park are clean and suitable for any visitors. The site of the Hotel is very relaxed, which is necessary for golfers.

As said before, Hyatt Park Hotel is very famous among its visitors out of whom many are golfers or have interest in golf. The golfing possibilities of the Hyatt Golf Park are due to the agreement between the Hotel and the Dubai Creek Golf and Yachting Club.

Hyatt Golf Park offers several courses of Dubai Creek Golf Club, from beginner level to professional level. It offers one main 18 Hole course, and adjacent to this there are numerous practicing fields and other possibilities for one to practice, for example the private teaching. One can sign up to attend group courses of its Academy too. On its area, there are several facilities, such as fields for tennis and swimming too. It is interesting to note that Hyatt Golf Park is often confused with the nearby Regency, which is located in the Medina called Deira in Dubai.

Hyatt Golf Park Hotel is an ideal place for those who would like to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel combined with the best and most beautiful golf grass. Hyatt Golf Park offers to arrange golf course for everyone, be it a beginner or a professional. However, the big course is normally only kept for the professionals.

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