Is It Worth To Buy Diamond Jewellery in Dubai?

diamond jewellery in Dubai

Diamond shopping has never been easier anywhere than in Dubai. This Gulf metropolis offers many chances for you to buy the best diamond jewellery. The best places for diamond shopping can be found either in the Gold Souk of Deira or in the New Dubai downtown area.

Dubai has a very rich trading culture with all the neighbouring and far-away continents that were interested in buying the best quality pearls of Dubai. Indeed, Dubai has become famous for its pearl and pearl trading. Next to pearls, golden and copper ware also plays a very important role in the manufacturing business of Dubai.

After the First World War, Dubai had to stop its pearl trading activity and encountered some hard times, until they found out about the rich oil resources located under the Arabic Peninsula. Since then, Dubai has become rich and famous and is putting concentration to get back its importance, concerning the international jewellery trading. Its huge new centre, the Jumeirah Lake Towers with the ALMAS Tower aims to get back the importance of Diamond and Jewellery business back into Dubai. Al Mas means diamond in Arabic. In its Trade Centre, there is also a wonderful museum featuring diamonds together with other gems, and all sorts of jewellery made out of gold. Here you can see the greatest collection of rarities, including the Tahiti Black Pearl. Although diamond shopping is not possible here, yet you can get many good names and addresses where you can go to get the diamond jewel to your like.

Diamond shopping is the cheapest in the Gold Souk of Dubai located in the Deira district. Deira has been long time famous for its souks or marketplaces. The Gold souk is the most popular among those who would like to buy some precious jewels for themselves. The price of golden ware, together with different gems is by far the best over here. You can even try some of your negotiation skills as merchants love negotiating at souks. Try some gold and diamond shopping here.

Dubai downtown is packed with all sorts of jewel shops making diamond shopping easier. Dubai is very famous for its great quality golden ware, so no wonder they are selling top quality diamonds. The top brands now include Damas, Samra, and Taiba. They sell and manufacture jewellery. Although they have their own stores, but also let sell their goods at top shops of hotels and other important buildings.

If you are in Dubai Mall, which is the biggest shopping centre of the world, you can see every type of jewellery. Here, diamond shopping is very easy. Dubai mall has dozens of the best shopping facilities of diamond and other type of gems.

As you see, diamond shopping is very easy in Dubai; all you need to have is the will and the budget. Dubai diamond shopping is getting more and more popular among tourists for this reason. Even if you do not have the budget, it is worth visiting these beautiful shops and the Gold souk. Do not forget, you can return anytime.

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