Jebel Ali Golf Course

The Jebel Ali Golf Course is one part of the huge Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa complex, situated in the new area of Dubai called Jebel Ali, the area of which is currently under heavy construction, in order to create a new central area of Dubai with all the luxury and facilities needed. Jebel Ali Golf Course is special in many ways. First, the Jebel Ali hotel is the one, which lies on the biggest area, offering such in-house attractions as well as horse riding! The area of the golf course is close to 52 hectare which means very huge, as part of a resort.

The Jebel Ali Golf Course is a par 36 nine-hole course for professionals and for smaller championships. The course has strict regulations on who can play in this field. However, it also offers possibility for the weaker golfers or beginners to take part in one of its Academy’s courses where they get chance to practice. Practicing also means a special room, where one can get virtual help on how to hit and move each type of clubs. Many might know that there are mainly 3 to 4 clubs used in golf, the putter, the hitter and the iron. Professionals or those who have a full-extra golf equipment, can get several extra clubs and other instruments used for help as the shaft or the grip, but for a beginner, starting with the main 2 clubs – the putter and the hitter is more than enough. All players can obtain four tees at a time. Each hole has a beautiful and different location hiding different challenges. This way it offers a chance for colourful playing.

To use the professional field of Jebel Ali Golf Course, it requires players to provide papers indicating that someone is a professional or a member of other international golf clubs. For the rest, they can train on the fields of the Academy. The site of the course is beautifully arranged with all that is needed to provide the perfect place, challenges and finally yet importantly, the perfect look for the place. In the clubhouse of the Jebel Ali Golf Course, there are several possibilities for one to rest or visit the golf shop of the course.

All the equipment provided for the golfers in the Jebel Ali Golf Course, serve their cosiness, the electric carts, tees and many bars and restaurants within the resort itself where one can also buy a whole golf-set, according to their actual level.

This golf course has several other attractions to keep a whole family entertained. Therefore, if you come with family, then you can freely enjoy playing golf while the rest of your family will enjoy their time in one of the swimming pools or having a relaxing time on the beach.

Jebel Ali Golf Course has also another feature, equipped to give enough light to play in the evening hours as well, when the sky-high temperature drops down a bit. Even if one gets tired, there is the whole resort to stay or sleep in. Jebel Ali Golf Course will surely be one of the frequently visited sites of the future Jebel Ali Quarter.

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