Jimmy Choo Handbags in Dubai

If you are woman and you like watching TV, then the first place you must have probably heard of Jimmy Choo should have been the famous series called “Sex and New York” in which, the not too rich yet fashion victim journalist can’t resist to the beauty of Jimmy Choo sandals and platforms. Indeed Jimmy Choo, an originally Malaysian shoemaker has really made its luck in the United States where his shoes and leather ware collections have really become statement items for the wealthier women who love to go out and who love beautiful shoe and handbag designs. The European headquarter of Jimmy Choo is located in London which is also the city where the famous designer lives and works. Jimmy Choo handbags are not as well known as his shoe creations but after a while, they have been a natural choice by the time the question in the company was raised as to which direction the brand should go.

Currently Jimmy Choo has the following collections of Jimmy Choo handbags:

* Rosalie: Features extremely classy square shaped handbags, having the same shape but different colours and textures for its handbags which therefore vary between AED 3500 and AED 7000.

* Shoulder Bags: Features the trendy shoulder bags in different colours and textures, perfect for daily wear and for work or for going out. These handbags are very popular all over the world.

* Cross Body: These are classy pieces with a cross body type of style that enables their wearers more space and more practical ways to wear them. These are great bags for work.

* Totes: Totes are extremely stylish today worn by many superstars totes are great for everyday wear and for mummies because you can put plenty of stuff inside of them. One of the best collections of Jimmy Choo handbags is this one.

* Day Clutches: These styles of handbags are very straight and made to be hard, Fifties style, so you cannot store many things inside of them, apart from your cell phone a mini-purse and some handkerchiefs.

* Evening: This is a great collection, perfect for those who like going out to hip places.

* Exotic: This is probably the unique collection of Jimmy Choo handbags full of statement pieces and as such, this segment incorporates the most expensive handbags of Jimmy Choo.

* Travel: This collection presents us with some huge bags and suitable cabin size trolleys perfect for travel. In the huge handbag you can even back for a couple of days, they are so huge.

* Justine: This is a new trendsetting collection of Jimmy Choo handbags for 2012 Spring including colourful statement handbags.

* Catherine: The new collection of Jimmy Choo bags represents smaller, classy handbags, each one having some edge that makes them stand out from the crowd. A relatively cheap collection!

In Dubai, of course there is no way you would not find Jimmy Choo handbags and passing sandals and shoes with them. Jimmy Choo is also sold by the store-chain called Rodeo Drive, the stores you can find in each one of the top hotels of Dubai, including those belonging to the Jumeirah, Hyatt and the Le Meridien hotel chains. The Saks Fifth Avenue and the Harvey Nichols also sells Jimmy Choo handbags with sound success.

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