Jumeirah Lake Towers

When you spend some time in Dubai, then surely you would like to spend a lot of time in the downtown of this metropolis. When in Downtown Dubai, you will not miss the unbelievable sight of the Jumeirah Lake Towers. This enormous and just-ready brand–new complex of Dubai, the Jumeirah Lake Towers will make you feel, as if you were on another planet.

When seeing the Jumeirah Lake Towers, one will start to wonder how it is possible for a human to create such sight of huge, wild-shaped skyscraper city. The Jumeirah Beach, just next to the other brand new complex called Dubai Marina, situates Jumeirah Lake Towers. Together they make such a skyscraper city, which is a sight that you cannot miss. The designing and creating of Jumeirah Lake Towers is based on several ideas and concepts. The main concept was to create a huge living area, an exclusive area, a city in the city. Each skyscraper would have its own name and its own reasons, which they will serve. The main imagination was, to create a “jewel necklace” for Dubai, made of diamond, gold and silver as well. It is a concept, which would be wholly dedicated to the jewellery business.

The buildings would have four artificially created lakes, around which they would be gathering. In the centre of the whole complex there will be the “biggest diamond of the necklace” a tower complex, consisting of three towers altogether, called AL MAS tower, literally meaning diamond in Arabic. This tower only would have its own island. In addition, this tower will be the base of the diamond business in Dubai, having such companies established their base there, such as the DMCC, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, which is in real operating as a club. This company enables its members to create investments, as they were in Gold and later enabling them to change these or exchange with other members. Al Mas Building is also the base of the Dubai Diamond Exchange company.

Then there would be the skyscrapers as taking the forms of gold and silver, literally named as Gold and Silver towers. There would be altogether seventy-nine skyscrapers, arranged specifically, so that each would be facing one of the artificial lakes.

The execution of the constructions of the Jumeirah Lake Towers have started around 2003, the very first building to be ready, called Saba Tower was completed in 2006. By the end of 2008, already nineteen of the skyscrapers have been built, which is an unbelievable achievement. By now, we can say the whole complex is ready with the planned concepts realised. Jumeirah Lake Towers is an operational complex, promptly selling out its numerous apartments in various sizes.

There are four hotels found in the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex, enabling tourists to enjoy its atmosphere. The biggest hotel chain of the Emirates’, called Jumeirah Hotel chain, naturally owns the nicest and biggest hotel. The name of the luxury hotel is Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers and it looks fantastic. Do not miss the chance to visit!

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