Jumeirah Open Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach park

Jumeirah Open Beach Park has a very lucky location, making it the most popular beach club in Dubai. As it has direct access to the sea, Jumeirah Open Beach Park is the base of thousands of water and sun-lovers, not to mention the water sports facilities. Situated in the elite resident district of Dubai city centre, called Jumeirah, this park is a much-liked and used resort for all who want to spend a relaxing day enjoying the beach in the shades of the numerous palm trees.

Jumeirah Open Beach Park, which first opened in 1989, offers dozens of attractions for everyone, with the emphasis on children who can have their own world inside the park. There is a huge playground shaded by special umbrellas so that children can have fun without the dangerous effects of the direct sun. The Jumeirah Open Beach Park with its 13-hectare territory is considerably smaller than the other huge parks of the city. However, for this reason, it cannot host large number of visitors at the same time, making it a more relaxed place and peaceful place. It is interesting to note, that it was the Jumeirah Open Beach Park, which was the very first park of the Jumeirah district, created with a direct view to the Persian Gulf. Next to water sports, the most popular sports facility of Jumeirah Open Beach Park includes a volleyball court and a beach-volleyball place as well.

Jumeirah Open Beach Park has been designed with great care to create a rich and beautiful site for everyone to enjoy. In addition, artificial hills had been created in order to give a more natural feeling to the beautiful little park. This artificial hill area, called The Rocky Garden Area contains beautiful gardens, fountains and enough resting place in the shades as well. As in every park, here too we can find specific picnic and barbecue areas for the families or friends.

The beachside of the Jumeirah Open Beach Park is very well equipped ensuring that it meets all the international security standards. If one prefers to have a meal rather than making or bringing it along with them, then these are many restaurants here, preparing quite delicious meals close to the beach ensuring a beautiful view while eating. There are also several snack bars by the beach. An interesting feature of the park is that visitors can walk to the beach going through a bridge. There are five of these bridges, giving a bit of a special feeling to the park.

The most suitable time to visit Jumeirah Open Beach Park is before dawn when the temperature starts to cool down, enabling everyone to come out of his or her homes and enjoy a little bit of fresh air, together with a good swim in the sea. The Rocky Garden Area looks the best while it is dark, with its hills beautifully enlightened in many ways and with multiple colours. Jumeirah Open Beach Park is just the ideal place for one to relax after a long day hectic work.

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