Luxury Watches in Dubai

Luxury watches can be found in great varieties both for men and for women. Some shops also sell high quality extra expensive quality luxury watches for kids and teenagers as well. Luxury watches are among the best selling items of Dubai and often treated as jewelleries. A luxury watch on the wrist is not only a watch but in the business life, it tells a lot about its wearer. Those, who wear the best Swiss watch, count as accurate persons with fine taste and enough money for everything. A watch is like a pair of shoes: gives a perfect description about its wearer without words.

In real, luxury watches are not far from being luxury jewelleries themselves. The best watches in the world use very specific materials in their watches to be the most punctual precise watches in the world. Many people know that the most famous and expensive luxury watches, which are the most punctual in the world, are the Swiss watches. These watches mean a great and useful hereditable item for generations within a family. The Swiss watches are not only world famous for their perfect mechanism but also from the materials out of which they are made. For example, the Swiss watches had special, nearly unbreakable glasses that made them extremely useful. The best Swiss watches today cost nearly the price of a new car. However, indeed they are worth buying. The timepieces and luxury watches of Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitling, Tissot, Rolex, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Zenith are not only famous for looking good but being the most precise watches in the world made out of the very best materials and mechanism. It was Rolex, which first started to merchandise its waterproof luxury watches. TAG Heuer is a brand born in Monaco and counting as one of the most popular brand of luxury watches.

In the Eighties, a new trend arrived in the watches industry: the so-called quartz watches. However, this trend quickly passed away. Today, the coolest luxury watches are all working mechanically and they are all Swiss, apart from a very few other brands. For many years now, the most expensive watches in the world are the Patek Philippe Platinum World Time and Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon. Therefore, you can bet that they sell in high quantities in Dubai. Omega is among the very few non-Swiss brands, which could get a place next to the unbeatable Swiss brands. Omega started its career when its Speedmaster watch was appointed by NASA to be the official chronograph for the space ventures. Since then, Omega is in the history of luxury watches, selling big quantities of its watches every year. Since Omega is the official sponsor of the worldwide known James Bond movies, its fame has grown ever since.

You will get to see the best watches in the world in Dubai. The highest quality watches shops can be found in the Dubai Mall. Here there are several brand stores for luxury watches where you can see varieties of watches. Women sometimes do not want that much accuracy for their luxury watches but want bling instead, so they can get to see the best designer items such as Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Chanel watches. Cartier is also a very famous seller of the best luxury brands. Once thing for sure: if you come to Dubai to buy the watch of your dreams, you will be more than lucky and only question will remain, “How many of your favourite watches can you actually take back home?

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