Magnificent Necklaces by Atlas

Although being great in every aspect of jewellery making, it is when it comes to creating the most beautiful necklaces, where Atlas Jewellery really shines. We would like to represent you with the collections of Atlas Jewellery out of which there are so many, that we need to categorize them here, according to the signature material or gemstone used while making them.

Pearl necklaces: Pearl is a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable type of material which helps in the creation of some of the most beautiful jewellery for women. Atlas Jewellery works in close relation with Kimono Pearl the Japanese importer of pearl with whom they work exclusively. You can find some very elegant pearl necklaces and sets paired up with earrings for the even more elegant outlook at Atlas.

Necklaces with coloured gemstones: Indians do love jewels and India has the longest tradition of jewellery making in the world, having been also the largest importers of gold and being still the main country where diamond polishing is processed then shipped out to all parts of the world. India also loves implementing all sorts of different colours in its sets, therefore you can be sure to find some of the most beautiful rainbow coloured jewellery here, including necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets. Atlas especially favours the use of red ruby and these outstanding gemstones are used in most of its collections

Gold necklaces: Atlas Jewellery has six outstanding collections of high quality and carat gold jewellery. Let us represent these collections to you, which help you to depict the outlook of their precious necklaces. Let us also add that the below enlisted gold collections are mainly made of classic yellow gold.

Adya: Features elegant necklaces and sets spiced up with some oriental flavour come in yellow gold with ruby inclusions.
Dyuma: A must-see Indian collection featuring traditionally thick and heavy gold jewellery with some huge necklaces for wedding and special occasions. Jewels are all decorated with ruby stones.
Maisha: Another must-see collection of Indian wedding jewellery featuring extra large, heavy and chiseled gold necklaces looking just wonderful! Don’t miss out trying on one of these heavy yet beautiful necklaces to feel the weight of gold on your skin.
Moriina: Features Arabic style collections with some great forms of necklaces inspired by nature, coming in the form of leaves and flowers for special occasions.
Sevgi: A beautifully artistic collection inspired by animals initially for younger girls or women, featuring Arabic and Indian flavours in their art.
Zyana: Probably the most colourful collection featuring beautiful necklaces with passing earrings with many gemstones of different colour.

The main stores of Atlas can be found inside the Dubai Gold Souk but they have their stores also in Al Satwa, Al Karama and offer their outstanding collections of golden necklaces and sets in several stores in the Bur Dubai area. Do not miss checking out the so special necklace collections of Atlas where there are also daily, weekly and monthly discounts on specific sets.

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