Mamiya Jewellers at Dubai Gold Souk

Mamiya Jewellers at Dubai Gold Souk

Discover one one of the famous Gold Souk based jewellery brand, Mamiya Jewellers. they originally intended to sell high quality, yet affordable collections made out of gold. Today the brand has become a great, trendy place, where you can buy 18k gold jewels in great designs and for an affordable price.

Being the Middle Eastern capital of jewellery and gemstone training, Dubai is by far the best place for those, who are fans of gold and diamond jewellery. The Dubai centre of gold trading can be found in the oldest area of the city, Deira. This place is called the Gold Souk of Dubai, the place where you can see all Dubai jewellery brands’ showroom in one place. Being among the biggest gold selling marketplaces in the world, the Gold Souk is not only an important trading area, but also one of the most visited touristical sites of Dubai. The Gold Souk represents about 300 different jewellery brands in its area, many of which operate multiple stores in the area of the Dubai Gold Souk. Mamiya jewellers is one of the local Dubai jewelleries that are based in the great gold souk.

Mamiya Jewellers is among the oldest jewellery brands of the city; founded in 1969 at the time, when Dubai has started to grow to being the metropolis it is today, this jeweller has been offering quality jewellery for a growing number of customers at the time for reasonable prices. Mamiya has a great number of bracelets, necklaces, rings, wedding rings and wedding bands, pendants and bracelets on show today. The brand uses classic and white gold, staying at 18k of quality. Mamiya Jewellers is specialised in rings and earrings, selling the biggest variety of these in its showrooms with the using of colourful techniques to decorate its jewellery items, which ranges from diamonds to all sorts of colourful gemstones. Thanks to the nice designs each one of Mamiya’s jewels look sophisticated and elegant, not to mention the fact, that all of them are sold at reasonable prices.

Quite interestingly, in the pendant collection of Mamiya we can find lots of different styles of cross pendants too, most of them being decorated with diamonds. This a remarkable offers, considering the fact that a high number of Dubai jewelleries do not sell cross pendants for religious reasons. We can also get to see beautiful pearl pendants at Mamiya jewellers. The largest collection of the jeweller is its wide variety of engagement and wedding rings. In this collection, you can get to see great, colourful rings in every sort of style suitable for a large number of customers, sold for affordable prices.

Although Mamiya does not belong to the biggest brands of the souk, it is well worth visiting if you want to get something unique and don’ have the budget to buy from the variety of bigger names. Apart from its flagship store and headquarters in the Gold Souk, Mamiya Jewellers is among those that decided to move inside Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, in order to reduce its costs. Check out Mamiya Jewellers when you are in Dubai, to find your future favourite item.

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