Mandarina Duck handbags in Dubai

Mandarina Duck is well known of its simplistic outlooks yet quite high prices. Of course, price matters when we talk about quality brands. Mandarina Duck is one of the most important Italian brands which deal with the designing of casual handbags more often than not, its handbags are not from leather. Let us see some of the story of Mandarina Duck bags and of their availability in Dubai.

A Little History
Mandarina Duck is an Italian brand that was founded in 1977 by Paolo Trento and Pietro Mannato. At first, the designs followed the utility line of clothing, which to this day explains the seemingly simplistic lines and outlook of the bags, which are of course paired up with a good, arranged outlook on behalf of the handbags. Mandarina Duck handbags are often used as casual handbags and they have their diverse lines of travel luggage for which they are perfectly suitable. The brand as you may have guessed got its name of very specific specie of duck called Mandarina Duck, which is one of the most beautiful and unique looking birds in the world. The first collection of Mandarina Duck came out around 1980 and was called “Utility”. The brand with its simple yet stylish outlook and high profile materials have become a household name in the world of prêt-a-porter fashion and soon we could witness the opening of their first outlets in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna and London. It’s first Far Eastern Store was opened in Malaysia in 2007. Mandarina Duck was acquired by E-Land a huge Korean company being in retail and fashion business in 2011 to get it out of trouble. Apart from their main line of items we can definitely highlight the Mandarina Duck handbags as still the most important accessories which the offer. They have also come out with their fragrance, scarves, sunglasses and watches. The label store of Mandarina Duck has stayed in Bologna. Mandarina Duck likes colours that are not too bright or plain, just like the different shades of orange, beige and green olive and military -green. In 1981, the brand has released the next collection of Mandarina Duck handbags and travel luggage called Tank. Due to the sound success, the first Mandarina Duck store opened in 1984. After the first success, the brand has decided to release such collections it has not done before. This is how the first leather Mandarina Duck handbags were released named HERA.

The Collection
The brand’s most popular line of Mandarina Duck handbags is called MD20; it had such a success that it had to be released multiple times. Its first release was in 1989. Mandarina Duck begins to open international stores from 1991. Other notable collections of the brand are the Frog and Work Mandarina Duck handbags. Later on, Mandarina Duck’s eyewear, perfume, watch and mobile phones are release and this is how the brand changes into being a whole lifestyle brand.

Where To Buy in Dubai
In Dubai Mandarina Duck has a sound success, especially due to the effect of their useful designer handbags and also due to the fact that the brand has a very good established brand name on the fashion market. Their handbags are sold in the label stores of MD, which you can find in the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Harvey Nichols. There is information on a Mandarina Duck store in the Wafi Mall as well. Once you are in Dubai, do not miss Mandarina Duck handbags and luggage. They have real durable designs that are for the globe trekker.

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