The Famous Marks & Spencer in Dubai

If you want to see the biggest offer of great tailored fashion items, then you should not miss visiting one of the Marks & Spencer located in the shopping malls of Dubai. Marks & Spencer was one of the smart companies who have seen the great shopping potential in Dubai and for this reason there is not only one, but four shops, which have opened in the last few years, representing the great quality of Marks & Spencer.

The name of Marks & Spencer has become one with the United Kingdom. The fashion items of Marks & Spencer represent the timeless elegance, which does not depend on any fashion waves offered for a woman or a man, to look good, in any and every age. The goods of Marks & Spencer are world famous and it is no wonder. Their brand represents the quality all over the world.

Marks & Spencer Dubai
In 1884, Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks founded this brand called Marks and Spencer. In UK, there are above 700 outlets and around 300 outlets around the globe. It made a profit of more than 1 billion pounds in 1998, however some years after that it faced crisis that remained numerous years. It has a specialty of trading with clothing and high quality food products.

In Dubai, Marks & Spencer stores can be found in the Deira City Center a top shopping mall, in the Dubai Festival City, in the huge Dubai Mall, and in the Egyptian style Wafi Mall, both shopping centres renowned for their quality shops. If you are in the downtown area, the closest shopping malls include the Deira City Centre and the Dubai Mall. The two shopping centres are quite far from each other, one located in the New Dubai and the other in the older part in the Dubai Medina district by the Dubai Creek and the Persian Gulf, so overall both shopping malls are great to visit because their offers are diverse.

Marks & Spencer has been one of the few to decide on time to make their brand a franchise. Franchise system means, that anyone who suit the written terms and conditions of the company can become one representative of Marks & Spencer with the entire place and the financial background, which is confirmed by them. In this way, you can open your own Marks and Spencer Store anywhere in the world. Franchises usually have very strict requirements regarding the quality and the outlook of each store. That is why by the time of franchising, a special team arrives to take over the interior designing work. They are the ones who look after the brand so that it does not suffer any loss of either quality or importance.

Franchise is a good business in many ways and it is a lot more effortless than doing your own plans on a business. Franchise is like a recipe of a food, which many have prepared before, to make it the best. In this case, the recipe is Marks & Spencer. Among the many offers, we can see Ladies and Men’s Fashion together with Children’s and Baby Fashion, from two to 17 years old. The actual offer of each Marks & Spencer differs from time to time; make sure to check them out, so you do not face some unpleasant disappointment. Dubai is also actively taking part in the franchise business, having the ultimate will to house all the brand stores, and to have the most beautiful stores in the world.

If you want to avail the offer of fashion items, you should visit the stores of Marks and Spencer in Dubai. It identified the potential of shopping in Dubai and that is why within no time it opened around 4 shops in Dubai providing excellent quality products. Grace is symbolized by Marks and Spencer. Their name is famous worldwide and it portrays high level quality.

The first ever Arabic signboard of Marks and Spencer was put in 1998 in the Deira City Center in Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the prime minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai did this. There are a total of 14 Marks and Spencer outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Sharjah. The exclusivity of M&S is its exceptional quality, service and value. The stores are located for all your shopping needs.

One shop of Marks and Spencer is located in Dubai Festival City. The timings of the outlet there are Sunday to Wednesday from 10am to 10pm and Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to midnight. The shop in this shopping center has 64,000 square feet of space and is considered to be the most modern store in the UAE. The store contains vast variety of clothing of menswear and ladies wear, and new ranges of kids wear and lingerie and beauty products are available. The other store is located in the Dubai Mall with a space of 33,000 square feet. This store also consists of clothing collections, lingerie, kids wear and beauty products. The shop is can easily be accessed by P2 Parking and is situated on Level1 over the Ice Rink.

The store at Mall of the Emirates has high shopping convenience for all the customers of Marks and Spencer in New Dubai. This store is on the second floor of the mall and the size of the store is 21000 square feet. The store at Deira City is of 34,000 square feet with the same variety as like other stores.

Marks & Spencer also has a vast collection of lingerie and all sorts of male and female underwear and the brand sell beauty products too. Marks & Spencer has made its own cosmetics brand. So, do not hesitate to visit a store while you are shopping around Dubai. Dubai is famous for all of its quality places, and all the Marks & Spencer stores in the shopping malls of Dubai. These are specifically built in order to give their very best quality service and good for all customers.

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