Dubai Festival City

When you are staying in Dubai, have the time to dedicate a day to spend in the colourful new Dubai Festival City. Dubai Festival City is today the largest complex among those, which are specifically to house the highest number of different facilities of different industrial parts located in one enormous area.

The plans of Dubai Festival City were first published in 2003, and the construction has started in that year. The area to be built is so huge, that the construction is still going on and is about to end around 2013. Although it is not complete, the Dubai Festival City has several sites, which have been in use for years now. The main concept of Dubai Festival City was to create a whole town inside Dubai, including all the amenities and facilities required for a town. The parts that are now open include the highly popular Waterfront, which is bustling all day crowded with visitors who come to visit the shopping centres there, or those who want to try the unique attraction which is to be put in a big bubble, and to swim in the lake of the Waterfront. It is something that you cannot miss! Other very famous part of Dubai Festival City is the beautiful Canal Walk inspired by the canals of Venice and Amsterdam. The Canal Walk packs with numerous different cafés, restaurants, bars and shops. In the recent years, The Festival Centre of Dubai Festival City has already held many worldwide music festivals with the participation of several superstars in their events.

Dubai Festival City includes several hotels of all kind, sponsored by the Intercontinental and Four Seasons hotel chains. You can find several theme parks and large living areas here. There is a space for schools and other educational centres, sport and entertainment facilities, such as a huge golf and tennis club, swimming pools and more theme parks for the children and families. It would have a large cinema centre with even more shopping centres. The business and congress centre is soon to be ready, in order to host various national and international events in the near future. However, it has been originally planned to be a self-serving own entity inside Dubai city. In real, this area will always stay a huge shopping and entertaining area.

Dubai Festival City is found not far from the Sheikh Zayed Road, situated just by the sea near the Dubai Creek and it is inhabiting an almost 4 km long coastline. The Dubai International Airport is only 2 km from here. When we think into it, how much place will be soon inhabited by this almost 20-hectare complex, it sounds unbelievable. Dubai has made very hard efforts in the recent years, in order to change their original landscape both in look and in capacity. If we see its Irish green gold courses or its huge pool complexes, such as the Wild Wadi waterpark all we can do is to wonder, with what else Dubai will come up with next.

Dubai, the new Land of Promise, has already stretched the borders of unreachable and unbelievable, when it comes to man-made buildings and sites. Dubai Festival city is also one good and huge example of these efforts. However, if Dubai City will get ready, it will offer such services, attractions and qualities, which will bring millions of more people every year to spend one or more days there.

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