Miu-Miu Handbags in Dubai

Miu-Miu is the branch of Prada headed by Miuccia Prada the same as the rest of Prada’s main branch. Miu-Miu was founded mainly to target the younger generation with fresh styles fresh trends and colours. Initially there is no much difference between the two collections regarding their prices. Let us see where we can find Miu-Miu handbags in Dubai and a little bit of the history of the worldwide known Prada brand.

In order to get to know more about Miu-Miu handbags and the history of Miu-Miu then we must turn to the history of the brand Prada. Prada as a brand was born by leather artisan Mario Prada back in 1913 and it had become a famous leather shop on the name of Fratelli Prada. After Mario Prada passed away the business was passed on to his daughter Luisa whose daughter Miuccia today controls the huge company together with his husband Patrizio Bertelli who is the CEO of the company. Prada has grown to be one of the biggest brands in the world yet its hard to cope for it because of the acquiring of other companies, especially the Fendi brand which has brought most of the debts due to which Prada has returned to the stock market trying to out pay its debt still to this time. In the same time Prada and its daughter company Miu Miu, which was named after Miuccia and was founded in 1993, have the greatest international success on the fashion market all around the world.

The Miu- Miu handbags, together with the Prada handbags rarely cost under AED 900, with their price being between AED 2500 and 4500 per item. The style of the Miu-Miu handbags is a bit younger in style and more eclectic than the clean and clear style of Prada. Miu-Miu bags are often huge and acted as trendsetters a couple of years ago when the trend of the huge handbags has started and lasts to this day. Miu-Miu often uses leather or textile for its brands, Prada likes to use its trademark material the Pocone that only they produce. The Pocone is a special waterproof material that was used to make waterproof handbags and still used for several Prada or Miu-Miu handbags today.

In Dubai, both Prada and Miu-Miu handbags are excessively famous. Although they are rarely sold in diverse stores, you can find Miu-Miu handbags in the Saks Fifth Avenue that is located inside the BurJuman Shopping Mall located in Bur Dubai district. The other place to find Miu-Miu handbags is the Emirates Towers Boulevard where they are sold by the boutique called Villa Moda Dubai. Miu-Miu’s latest spring collection represents handbags of all sorts, from the bright and light coloured handbags and totes to the smaller summer wear handbags, which often represent some colourful symbols as decoration.

So, once you are in Dubai, check out the Miu-Miu handbags here, especially in the Saks Fifth Avenue where you can find the largest variety of handbags and accessories. The Miu-Miu handbags are largely trendy, not only now but for a longer time so no matter when you buy them, you are guaranteed to make the best fashion item investment.

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