More About Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is the popular nickname given to the operation, which is officially called Abdominoplasty by plastic surgeons. This operation triggers the removal of fat from around the stomach and hip area of a patient. The operation is mainly done on those patients, who had periods while they were unable to work out and also helps for them to get tighter abdominal muscles. Let’s see who we can offer in Dubai, to do a tummy tuck for you.

Tummy Tuck, as we have described in short above, is the operation in which the excess fat will be dissolved around the tummy and waist area in order to make a flatter stomach for the patient. Tummy tuck is quite a popular operation, especially in the circle of mothers who gave birth to multiple children, and have their tummy muscles and form all gone after a while. The operation includes fat treatment and includes the tightening of the muscles of the tummy area. This will make patients feel better about themselves and will also give them the ability to wear a size or two smaller pants or skirts. Tummy tuck is an operation, which also starts to wake the interest for all the men who have developed an oversized stomach and would like to get rid of it.

In Dubai, all the plastic surgeries and aesthetic clinics deal with Tummy Tuck. Yet, the professional clinics all warn patients regarding the following facts with Tummy Tuck:

• Tummy Tuck brings no wonder for the patient and it does not provide a stomach of dreams. However, patients’ tummy area will be flatter with a lot more defined form.

• Tummy Tuck does not replace diet or exercise. It will not keep fat away from the tummy area, and if a patient does not work out regularly and will not maintain a healthy diet afterwards, his or her tummy will be just like before the operation.

• Although Tummy Tuck is indeed a routine operation, it is still an invasive treatment, which makes it equal with all sorts of basic operations. This means that patients will need to do pre-operation checks, several consultations and preparing. Some clinics offer healthy diet menus for patients for them to be able to prepare for developing a healthier lifestyle after Tummy Tuck.

• Tummy Tuck is an operation that will need at least a week’s active healing period with patients steering clear from any excessive movement, weightlifting and such actions.

Patients who would like to undergo Tummy Tuck in Dubai are suggest to have at least 3 weeks for the operation, together with the healing period. If this is a month it is all the better.

In Dubai, the most popular aesthetic surgery clinics include ABSMC (American British Medical and Surgical Centre) which works with US star surgeons practicing in Hollywood, the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, which has lots of new patents and methods in their repertoire and the leading surgeons of which have tons of experience and popularity in England. Local surgeons you can find on Dubai Surgery site and at Cocoona or Silkor clinics, the mostly visited clinics by Dubai locals. Competitive staff and quality services can be expected at any of these Dubai clinics.

Apart from these clinics, there is much more to Dubai world of plastic surgery nowadays. We suggest you that before undergoing a Tummy Tuck at any Dubai clinic, check the reviews and testimonials, together with the expertise of surgeons and the certification and competitiveness of the medical staff itself.

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