Movie Night at the Best Cinemas of Dubai

The Dubai world of films is quite colorful. Dubai has decided to take an active part in the international cultural life of the world, including the world of cinema. Dubai is viewed as one of the richest sponsors of Muslim, Arabic and Dubai cinema. Dubai has many special events, which has been planned in order to promote the Arabic cinema all around the world. In order to keep up with the rest of the world, now there are many Dubai cinemas just everywhere in this metropolis.

Ever since the building of the shopping malls, the world of Multiplex Dubai cinemas has opened up in Dubai together with them. There are more and more multiplex movie theatres all around town, so if you would like to watch a movie, then definitely you will have no trouble doing it. Dubai cinemas are also famous as a free time activity.

Multiplex Dubai cinemas can be found in practically at all downtown shopping malls. The most famous ones include the CineStar Cinemas, which can be found both in Deira City Center and in the Mall of the Emirates, the Grand Mercato next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. There are also numerous other cinema theatres all around the city.

Each cinema features mainly Arabic speaking and American films. In order for the tourists to visit the cinema theatres, there are many films on their original languages with Arabic subtitle. This is the same for the television channels as well, out of which many represent American movies with Arabic subtitles.

Due to the several promotions and great quality movies, many films of well-known Arabic directors have published all around the world, which means that the Arabic cinema is becoming more and more famous and accepted all around the world. Many might not know the importance of Egyptian and Turkish movies in the Arabic and Muslim world of cinemas. Some decades ago, the Egyptian movies counted like the Hollywood Movies of the Arabic world. Egypt has released dozens of movies each year, representing great actors like Omar Sharif, the famous Egyptian actor, one of the very few from the stars of the Arabic world, who have become world famous.

Lately the Arabic cinema is going through a great change. Thanks to the new works of French-Algerian and Moroccan directors, more and more movies have becoming famous for their great story and quality presentation. The Moroccan Casa Negra had nominations to several awards a couple of years ago, and the French-Algerian film, the Prophet has won many quality awards. It was highly welcomed by the European cinema.

For this reason, Dubai has also decided to put more emphasis on the Arabic and Muslim cinema, with the presentation of several awards dedicated to the films of new coming directors, mainly from the Middle Eastern, Northern African region.

However, do not be surprised, if you do not see any kissing or other too intimate scenes in the movies. Each movie, especially the Western and US movies is censored. A couple of parts containing scenes like kissing or being intimate are cut out of the movies. Besides that, being one of the great quality Dubai cinemas is a pleasant activity.

Many might not know, but Dubai, just like the Arabic world, is crazy for the Indian cinema. In Dubai, there are also many Indian movie theaters. We all know the importance of Indian movies, the so-called Bollywood in Middle and Far East. So give a try, and watch one of the suggested Indian movies represented in Dubai. Alternatively, spend a quality time in one of the Multiplex Dubai Cinemas while you are in Dubai.

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