Naif Souk Dubai

Naif Souk in Dubai is a traditional Arabic market where the visitor can find any fabrics and readymade clothes. Naif Souk is among the oldest marketplaces in Dubai. Naif Souk is a shopping spot of locals where you can find bags, toys and duplicates of popular designer wear. This marketplace is located at Deira and it is also known as the ‘Cabin market’. In 2008, the Naif Souk caught fire and out of 190 shops, 184 shops were reduced into ashes. Naif Souk was reconstructed and reopened after two years of fire.

The renovated Naif Souk consists of the 218 air-conditioned shops with car parking where 100 vehicles can be parked. Naif Souk has modern amenities like coffee shops, municipality offices, two lifts, two elevators, 44 kiosks, and toilets. The renovated Naif Souk has WiFi connection and restaurants also. More tourists are attracted towards the modernized souk. Safety measures are taken by the municipality to avoid any fire hazards in future. The renovated souk has fire safety equipments and emergency exits. The Naif Souk is open from 7am to 12pm and from 5pm to 8pm daily. This souk is famous for unique items available at affordable prices.

Naif Souk also participates in Dubai Shopping Festival as it increases the sales of the merchants in Naif Souk. During Dubai shopping festival, sales at Naif Souk increases up to 15%. The merchants at this souk offer 25% to 40% discounts for the tourists which lures more and more customers to the souk. Naif Souk offers great shopping experience to the shoppers and visitors as the souk provide traditional Arabic atmosphere. Bargain hunters can enjoy their shopping at Naif Souk. The visitors can bargain on a variety of items such as cosmetics, health products, furniture, electronics, carpets, toys, textiles and home appliances.

Naif Souk is a popular shopping destination during the time of Dubai Shopping Festival. Naif souk is famous for selling things at wholesale and affordable prices to the customers. Naif souk offers a chance to win half kilograms of gold daily and DH 1000 for each purchase. The visitors also have the chance of winning an Infiniti QX. Naif Souk offers more shops and better facilities than before. Naif Souk is constructed in two floors. First floor of the souk follows local architecture. Ground floor of the souk consists of 111 shops and first floor consists of 107 shops.

This traditional souk offers art and craft works of local experts. You must visit the Naif Souk, if you would like to experience the local culture. The souk is the combination of tradition and modernity in its looks and shops. Dubai souks are colorful, noisy, and attractive like other market places. Now, the Naif Souk does not look like as if it caught fire and burnt almost all the shop because of the renovation. The external and internal facades of the souk are constructed according to international standards. Enjoy your shopping in Naif Souk at comparatively low prices.

The Dubai Naif Souk is located in the Deira district of Dubai. The souk is among the oldest marketplaces of Dubai, which in the old times, served as camel sellers and from that, it has developed into a full-fledged marketplace. Today, the rebuilt Naif Souk awaits its visitors with more than a hundred shops and air-conditioned climate.

Dubai has several souks, most of them located in the Deira old town. Deira used to be the municipal and governmental centre of Dubai back in the old days. Therefore, the district is well known and well visited for having the biggest souk life, the remaining of the old Arabic ways in Dubai. Souks are still making the central part of any Arabic and Islamic town all around the world and tourists love visiting them because of the great variety of handmade goods and everything what you would like to buy. Naif Souk was also referred to as Souk Sanadiq when it had its old shape, because of the box-like shops inside. The Dubai Naif Souk is a great place today as it used to be back in the old days only in a different way. The reason for that is, that due to electricity failure, two years ago, most of the Naif Souk has burned down within only a few hours. Luckily, the accident hurt no one but shop owners had the majority of their goods destroyed by the fire. Many of these shop owners got the guarantee to have their place back in the New Naif Souk the renovation of which was finally finished in the middle of 2010 and ever since restarted to operate as a modernised souk with electric stairs and air condition within. The shop owners who moved back to Souk Naif unfortunately have to pay a lot more monthly wages in the new souk, but the marketplace is getting more and more famous by tourists and also by locals.

The Naif Souk lies roughly in the souk district of Deira, a little bit further from the Deira main souk, yet in walking distance. The souk is famous for its souvenirs, leather and textiles and of its replica things, like watches, jewellery, sunglasses, handbags and all the goods that have success being replicated. There is even WIFI in the new Naif Souk and additionally there are restaurants there too. The souk building looks very authentic and it got quite big, today it houses 18 stores more as it used to host before it burned down. The Naif Souk has two floors, downstairs you can find 111 stores and upstairs there are 107 stores. The souk accommodates a couple of local municipality offices and a 99 post underground garage too. The souk has altogether four entrances and inside, you can find lifts and escalators for the elderly or over-packed visitors too.

Overall, once you are in Deira Dubai, you should not miss visiting the souk, to see it in its new shine. Naif Souk is next to the Naif Park and metro station so it is very easy to reach once you are in Dubai.

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