Nature Tour of Dubai

Hatta Village Tour Dubai

The nature tour takes you to this beautiful and contrasting locale in UAE. Situated 120 km from Dubai, you will be exploring the lush green Hatta Valley and the rolling red Hatta Dunes in this tour. Take an adventure filled sunset safari in the desert and explore its finer nuances in the faint orange light of the setting sun. Feel like a sheikh as you watch the entrancing dance of belly dancers while smoking a flavored shisha and relishing a delicious barbeque. Get beautiful henna designs on your hands or try out traditional Arabic dresses.

Next on the itinerary will be the adventure filled 4 wheel drive to the Bedouin Camp, through a desert ride that reminds you of a roller coaster. You will be taken to the highest dune to witness the sunset that looks refreshingly different from other places. Once at the camp you are welcomed with traditional beverage. Here you can transform in to an Arab Sheik with the borrowed costumes, provided you are in the mood. Enjoy the Belly dancing to the tunes of Arabic music in the background, savoring the Barbecue.

With the combination of an adrenaline pumping desert ride to a soothing lush green Hatta Valley visit, your money & the time spent is worth every moment and penny.

The Tour Schedule
This nature tour is available in two options, Coach or Private. The private tour offers you unlimited time to go around, unlike the coach ride. When you opt for the coach ride you will be picked up from your place of stay. An English speaking guide accompanies you. This nature tour makes you wonder because of side by side existence of two contrasting landscapes – the cool lush green Wadi Hatta Valley and a scorching desert.

The Hatta Valley is at the foot hill of Hajar Mountains. It is a place with several ponds surrounded by beautiful greenery. You will spend some time at some of these ponds, enjoying a panoramic view of the montain range and the Hatta sand dunes meeting the horizon. After this, you will go for a sumptuous lunch at the age old Hatta Fort, which has now become a hotel as Dubai tourism developed.

From here you will be moving on to the Desert ride in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, pushing through a terrain of undulations. The satin-like sand around you overwhelms you by its beauty and sprawl. On the way to the Bedouin Camp, you will also watch from atop the high sand dunes, the wonderful and glorious scene of sun set.

On reaching the Camp one has a choice to go for sand surfing at an extra fee payable locally or dress up in Arab costumes enjoying the hospitality. Smokers can try the aromatic shisha, a tobacco pipe, enjoying a soft drink or the barbecue amidst watching the famous Belly Dancing to the rhythmic Arab music.

Once you are through with the memorable entertainment, you will be taken back to your hotel.

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