New Year’s Eve Cruises in Dubai

Dubai cruise is one of the most popular programs on New Year’s Eve, no matter if we talk about a few hour cruises or a cruise ship program going along the Emirates. Cruises are highly sold in both cases and either of these should not be missed.

Dubai is one of the most notable and most beautiful cities in the Middle East, one of the few that lets tourists to enter the country and to spend their holidays there as liberally as not many other Islamic states do especially in the Gulf Region in the neighbourhood of Saudi Arabia famous for not letting tourists enter the country. This makes Dubai all the more popular in the region and Dubai cruise especially in the summer serves as a perfect program for many who would like to have a great day. Dubai cruises departing from the United States and Europe organise a week and 9 day long programs which includes several services and sails along the shores of the United Arab Emirates.

When you are to sign up to such cruise which goes outside of the United Arab Emirates, don’t forget to get another entrance visa for you to the UAE before you leave the state. Due to a law change every tourist must have a new entrance visa each time they are to enter the country and several tourists having cruise excursions going to Oman or Qatar have had a very bitter surprise and weeks of waiting outside the UAE till they managed to get their new visa.

Dubai cruise by dhow: Arabic dhows are very popular for Dubai cruises, which take not more than 1 or 2 hours. The beautiful port for the dhows, called the dhow wharfage stand in the Dubai Creek in the shore of Deira having dozens of shows making short cruises on the water of the Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is the river like

channel that runs from the Shores of Deira and Dubai and ends at the Dubai Festival City where it makes a huge lake and a bay making the place really worth seeing. Dhow cruises are especially famous by night when the city buildings are lighted and you can see the old buildings of Deira and Bur Dubai, the Residence of Maktoum Family (the Royal Family of Dubai) and the Heritage Village in their full beauty. The evening Dubai cruise on dhow is very popular because it sails either along the Creek or along the Jumeirah Beach entering also Dubai Marina and during the cruise, guests are entertained with a great dinner and a great show as well with local musicians and with belly dancers to topple the whole experience.

Adventure with cruise ship: Huge cruise companies such as Virgin Holidays, the travel agency of the huge US Airline Virgin Atlantic organise weeklong and year long Dubai cruises when passengers would sail across the Pacific entering the Mediterranean Sea through Gibraltar and enter Dubai through the Red Sea. These cruises normally include accommodation in the Atlantis the Palm Hotel lying on the Palm Jumeirah being one of the most special hotels of Dubai with a picturesque setting. The program includes sightseeing, local programs, excursion to Abu Dhabi and other towns along the shore of the UAE.

Dubai cruises are sure a must-try no matter during the day or night, especially on New Year’s Eve. Dhows can also be rented with their staff for one company or for one group solely. The Dubai cruises with the huge Cruise ships are getting also more and more popular in the international circles so if you have the chance, do not miss this great experience.

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