Nokia Mobile Phones in Dubai

Nokia is one of the oldest and most famous multinational Company that manufacture mobile phones and portable IT devices. In the start the company specialized in manufacturing of paper, but with passage of time it diversified its operations and started Nokia electronics and cable businesses. The foundation of Nokia mobile phones was laid, when the company became involved in the telecommunication industry in 1970. The first car mobile phone was introduced by Nokia and Salora in Finland in 1978. It was the partnership of Nokia and Salora that laid the establishment of Mobira OY, which developed mobile phone for the NMT. After, introducing the car mobile phones, Nokia bought Salora and introduced first ever transportable mobile phones in 1984. These phones became an instant hit in the market and were considered a status symbol by many elites. Nokia mobile phones got much needed attention in 1987, when Soviet Leader was seen with the model of Nokia mobile phone. Apart, from being the market leader in developing portable mobile phones, Nokia also has the privilege of introducing GSM technology. This technology in mobile phones allowed the transportation of data and voice traffic at the same time.

Today, Nokia is a large mobile selling brand in the world and has its presence in almost all parts of the world. Nokia mobiles also famous in a city like Dubai, which has become the business hub of the Middle East.

Though, Nokia has launched many mobile phone models, but some of the all time favorite and highly in demand models are,

• Nokia 1100: This series of Nokia mobile phones is the most favorite and world largest selling series. These phones are simple GSM mobile phones with having simple features like flashlight, monophonic ringtones, built-in AOL messenger and about 50 message storage capacity. Though this series of Nokia mobile phones do not offer any latest technology or features, but still they are the largest selling mobile in city like Dubai because they offer durability and longer battery time. This series of mobile phone cater the basic purpose of mobile phones that is connectivity.

• Nokia Lumia: After, the introduction of smartphones like iPhone, the market of Nokia mobile phones declined and therefore, the company introduced its own series of smartphone with the name of Lumia. This series of Nokia mobile phones is the most popular one in Dubai, as it offer technologically advances features and style. The most noticeable features in this series is the advance 8 megapixel camera, unibody design, pure motion HD display, OLED display and expandable storage.

Dubai has the biggest market for Nokia mobile phones and therefore, natives and locals can easily find authorized dealers of this brand in the city. Some of the famous retailers in Dubai are Nokia Retail at the Dubai Mall, Nokia EVO Concept at Mall of Emirates Dubai and Nokia Concept store at the Dubai Mall.

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