Off Road Driving in the Desert of Dubai

If you have ever thought about going to drive on the desert, you might want to consider taking the short driving course that they have to offer. You will need a 4 wheeled drive vehicle to go driving in the dessert. If you don’t have one, you might want to look into renting one or going on a tour where someone else will do the driving for you. But if you are interested in doing the driving yourself, Emirates Driving Institute will teach beginners how to handle a 4 wheeled drive vehicle the safe and proper way. Their course for beginners is 5 hours long and will teach you to go up and down the dunes, how to handle the vehicle should something unforeseen happen and of course driver safety.

Off road driving in the desert is the tourists and locals favorite things to do in Dubai. There are many people who are enthusiasts that live there in the city. The people of the city offer many services to visitors that come to go desert driving. They will do some customize your 4X4 vehicle with the modifications that will be able to withstand the off road driving in the Dubai desert. They have rental cars if you don’t have a 4×4 vehicle. They will even service your car for you to make it perfect for driving on the desert.

If you don’t feel that you are experienced enough to drive on the dunes, you might want to consider a tour or safari. They will have expert drivers that are trained on how to drive on the dunes. They will make it a ride that you won’t soon forget. When they start the tour or safari, they will come pick you up and head to a meeting place. That is where they will meet up with several more cars. Once everyone has arrived, you will be on your way to driving on the sand dunes. The whole ride itself takes about 90 minutes. Then you might stop and watch the sun set and then it is back to the city.

So if you have never been to the Dubai desert or been desert driving, it might be fun to take a vacation and go try it sometime. It is an adventure for everyone to enjoy and it is not one that will disappoint you either. The only thing that you need to remember is that you must use safety precautions and be extremely careful. Especially if you have never driven on sand dunes before, this is a chance of a lifetime and who knows when you might get another chance. You can always take the 5 hour training course then drive the dunes yourself, or you can choose to go on the safari or tour and let them do the driving. Either way it is in exceptional experience for you and your family. Then when you get back you will have some wonderful stories to tell about how you took a chance and went desert driving on the Dubai desert. Be sure to show them the pictures as you tell your story. Now it is time to go have some fun, read more about Dubai desert driving, and experience the most of the desert!

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