Online Shopping For Beautiful Rings

In the past few years, internet shopping is gaining a growing importance. There are more and more people, who tend to shop jewellery, such as designer rings or replica rings online a lot often than personally. With this, the trend of shopping jewellery online is also a growing trend in circles of Dubai jewelleries. By making their collections available online, Dubai jewelleries gain a lot, by becoming a global online vendor of jewellery their market and income grow by hundreds of percents. Let us check out some of the Dubai brands, which have made their collections available online.

Samra Jewellery
Samra is one of the main vendors of quality white gold bridal and wedding jewellery that include wedding rings and bands, engagement rings and entire sets of diamond bridal jewellery. Samra has gained many customers, thanks to their high quality standards and their trusted ways of dealing with business. Samra was among the first Dubai jewelleries that decided to bring their entire collections of jewellery online, to make them available for a global clientele. Samra uses FedEx as a global courier and it offers insurance and great guarantees, along with a trusted diamond certificate that comes with their jewellery.

Taiba Jewellery
Being one of the oldest traditional jeweller of Dubai, Taiba sells a great deal of fantastic goldware, that includes a high variety of rings, wedding and engagement rings and bands , Islamic and Hijab style jewellery and entire sets as well. Taiba works with 18k and 21k gold and does not use precious gemstones in any of its jewellery, which makes the price of its items a lot lower. Taiba today has its entire collection online where you can buy them along with lots of guarantees. You can choose the currently in which you wish to pay which you can do either by credit card or by bank transfer. The courier Taiba uses is Fedex and the website of the jeweller enlists the postal prices depending on the value of the jewellery you buy.

Now, let us share a couple of things to pay attention to, when you decide on shopping jewellery online, such as wedding or engagement rings or designer rings which are among the most popular items to buy online.

• When shopping jewellery online note, note that once you buy and ship a jewel outside of Dubai, where there is no tax on buying anything, different customs will apply, which will make you pay a certain percent of the total amount of the jewellery bought by you.

• Beware when shopping jewellery online, that some jewellers may change the actual price of their rings or any other items depending on the actual gold rate or depending on the actual weight of a ring and charge a certain amount on the price featured on their website. Therefore, consider the prices featured online as a basic price.

• Always check out on insurance and return policy. Most Dubai jewellers will make their customers pay for the postal costs, even if the jewellery delivered by them came out to be faulty.

• Do always read reviews before shopping jewellery online.

• Some popular brands such as Bluenile or Skyjewellers are specialised in selling wedding and designer rings, together with all sorts of jewellery online. Compare their conditions with the ones the jewellery has set up well, before buying jewellery online.

In Dubai, shopping jewellery online is also available at Saks, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, all of which offer quality rings and other jewellery of top-notch brands online with either domestic or international shipping. You may as well check their collections out too. Although the number of Dubai jewellers selling their collections online is still to grow, the trend will soon make all the main Dubai brands to make their rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery sets available globally.

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