Options To Get A Credit Card in Dubai

This article tries to refer to the options of getting a credit card at any of the banks of Dubai. Of course, for getting a credit card, first, you will need to open a bank account, and you will need a valid job contract and a previously stated minimum income, under which no credit card will be issued to you.

Let us see some of the terms and conditions of the banks in Dubai and the whole UAE regarding the release of credit cards. There are two ways to opt for a Dubai credit card as everywhere in the world. One way is to have a minimum monthly salary of AED 5000 equalling a yearly salary of 60,000 AED. As you see this amount is quite a lot, considering the normal salaries in Dubai, which usually range from 1000 to 5000 for a normal employee and only go higher if you are upgraded within the company. However, many still have no hopes to get a bigger salary in Dubai than 5000 Dirham monthly. Therefore, if this way is hard and you still would like to have a credit card, then you should go for the other way, which means to leave a larger sum in deposit, according to which you will get a credit card. For example, if you have a saving of 60,000 Dirham, you can put it in a bank on a separate account and you can create a credit card account out of that, with a stated limit, which is good if it does not go higher than one or two thousand dirham monthly.

For shopping, you will not need more and as the monthly fees are quite high, it is better if you do not make yourself a bigger limit; otherwise, you may find yourself without money but with a thick debt soon enough. Some local banks might be eager to change your limit without actually letting you to know about it. This is a very dangerous trap, so when you opt for a credit account, state clearly that you do not want your limit to be changed no matter what, unless you personally opt for changing it.

The deposit value of 60,000 Dirham is pre-stated, so it will not go lower, only can go higher, if you are so lucky to have collected that much money. However, it is also highly advisable that you do not go for a credit account, unless you really need it. For your bank account, you will get a bankcard, which in any normal case should be enough to cover your costs, and with the credit card, you can only go way down and not up. So think about getting a credit card and instead try to find a way, on how to find a better solution, instead of a credit card.

If you need it to deal with the transferring of online payments, or transferring of payments coming to your virtual account, always check the cheque part. The regular fees of Dubai banks to exchange cheque to dirham on your account costs 30 Dirhams, so if you play safe, you should stay with the cheque method instead of a credit card. It deducts you money if your balance is not 100% and with a monthly payment which if not done, then even more money will be deducted from you.

For more cheque and credit card information including the one of opening a bank account in Dubai, try one of RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) Banks, said to be the best banks in the city, Dubai Islamic Bank, or First Gulf Banks in case your national bank has no offices in Dubai. Moreover, consider credit card, until you get familiar with all the bank costs in Dubai.

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