Parah Lingerie in Dubai

Since 1950 Parah Lingerie has been a leading company in the world of lingerie. Over the years Parah has been providing its clients with daring bras and panties, wicked corsets and garters and sensational stockings. Parah has come out with designs and styles that not only stimulate any woman’s senses, but some of them can make the ladies’ heads to reel – their creations are quite daring and naughty.

Parah Lingerie is one of the leading brands of lingerie manufacturers whose creative and modern designs have made inroads in the lingerie industry. Go to any of their 3000 outlets throughout the world and you will see nothing but some of the finest lingerie ever manufactured.

Parah Lingerie gives you the power, confidence, and a sense of indulgence. It is perfectly true that every woman, no matter her age or size, would love to indulge and pamper herself in the Parah lingerie collection. It is for this very reason that their bras, panties, corsets, and other accessories are available in all sizes, including the plus sizes. The range for women in the innerwear section is known as Parah Noir and Off Limits in the corsetry line. Parah’s specialty is the Lumiere bra and the Aria push up corset, not to mention other items in their collection. They have Parah Noir Underwear for men and Parah corsetry for women.

A staggering number of pieces of Parah products are manufactured every year which include bras, panties, swimwear, and other accessories that are displayed in a number of outlets throughout the world. Every creation of Parah Lingerie makes a woman feel confident and special in every way. Some of their creations are only for the bold and the beautiful and not for the weak hearted as they are quite daring and naughty.

Parah Lingerie which was founded in Gallarate, a small town in Northern Italy by Edda Paracchini and Giovanni Piazzalunga, as a small lingerie workshop is today one of the world’s leading producers of lingerie and swimwear. It manufactures an incredible one million pieces of swimwear and lingerie that are distributed worldwide. Though it is one of the world’s leading lingerie manufacturers, its sales are mostly concentrated in Europe.

Parah makes use of the harmonious symphony of bright vibrant colors and elegant designs which have brought to life this beautiful swimwear collection. Parah’s swimwear gently strokes and caresses you and makes you feel a real woman in all ways. It makes use of vibrant animal prints, monochromes, gold sequin encrusted bikinis and swimsuits which are a part of their stunning collection. Its swimwear collection includes string bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, pareos, kaftans, and much more.

Needless to say, wear any Parah product and it makes you look beautiful, really beautiful. Their swimwear collections have brand names such as Parah Noir, Parah Beachwear (for men and women), Sabbia, Impronte, and Off Limits Beachwear. They have come out with ‘Euro’ bikini, the ‘Plus Cup’ bikini, and the ‘B206’ in various sizes with differentiated cups.

Go to any Parah lingerie store in the Middle-East and try the attractive swimwear and the beautiful lingerie products, which Parah has brought out especially for you!

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