Park Hyatt Dubai

Dubai is one of those cities which attracts all kinds of tourists. From the businessman to the holiday maker, from the crowd of young men to the families, from the single traveler to the honeymooning couple, there is something in Dubai to attract all of them. It is a city which knows instinctively what the tourist wants, and delivers that with a minimum of fuss. This is why Dubai has become one of the most popular cities for international travel in recent years, and looks set to continue that as time goes on. As a consequence, it is important for a city like Dubai to be excellently served by the tourist industry and to continually look to improve its performance year on year. After all, there are other cities out there also looking for a slice of the business.

This has led to an interesting situation where the city of Dubai is divided almost in half by hotels with international names and reputations based in countries far and wide on the one hand, and on the other hand several hotels which are owned and run by companies from the region itself. There is a certain amount of personal taste required to play a part in either case – while the more international names will undoubtedly attempt to assimilate the culture of their host city, and the companies from the region will attempt to Westernize somewhat to attract the international traveler, it is the tourist who makes the decision. They can go on name, reputation or any combination of factors in doing so.

In the end, the hotels which rise to the top will be the ones who cut through the fog and put on an excellent hotel with little concern for the smaller matter of which market to appeal to. An excellent hotel will appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of name or nationality. The way these names are built, however, suggests that a good hotel will become a famous hotel eventually. And a good hotel chain can generally be relied on to offer a great service, regardless of where the particular hotel is. Hyatt, for so long a major player in the hotel industry, is one such chain, and among its interests in the Dubai region is the Park Hyatt Dubai. A wonderful hotel indeed, with a lot going for it.

One of the things that makes the Park Hyatt stand out is the fact that it is outside the city. While this does not make for a perfect base for short hops into the shopping district, it does go a long way to guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. The fact of the matter is that the hotel is some way out from the city, although not too far for a daily trip into the center, but far away from the noise and traffic of a major international city. Instead of the concrete of the urban Dubai area, the greenery that surrounds the Park Hyatt Dubai – big enough for a golf course to fit into it – allows a more sedate experience for the visitor.

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