Popular Aesthetic Surgeons in Dubai

Aesthetic surgery is a very important part, and in fact one pillar on which Medical Tourism is standing. Dubai has been doing a lot in order to be one of the top medical cities in the world, providing the best medical services for patients arriving here from all over the world. Of course, the number and mere quality of beauty and plastic surgery clinics is not enough, it is the qualification, experience, and in many cases, the fame of the aesthetic surgeons which counts the most for patients, when it comes to choose the clinic where they want to be operated.

In our article, we would like to represent you with the current best-known Dubai aesthetic surgeries, specialised cosmetic surgeries and their leading aesthetic surgeons. Hereby, we include a compiled list of by far the best and most important aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries:

* American British Surgical and Medical Centre (ABMC): Having some of the best plastic surgeons from Hollywood and Beverly Hills suchas Jason Diamond or David Matlock, both being star surgeons in the US and with the rest of the staff including other aesthetic surgeons with perfect experience and credentials in their respective fields. Out of all Dubai aesthetic clinics, it is the ABSMC, which has the biggest staff, amenities and the widest array of treatments and surgeries in order to deal with international clientele.

* Dubai Surgery – Led by Dr. Ashok Govila one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Dubai today Dubai Surgery has a great staff of highly qualifies Dubai and Indian doctors each one with long experience in aesthetic surgery in different countries, together with a large clientele. They do all sorts of invasive and non-invasive treatments.

* Cocoona Clinic – Having Dubai and Indian staff of certified aesthetic surgeons, mainly from India and the Middle East, this clinic does not only cosmetic surgery but also dentistry, spa treatments and orthopaedic operations.

London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery – Led by twin brothers Maurizio and Roberto Viel, both being certified plastic surgeons with lots of experience, practicing both in London and in Dubai, this clinic has a great reputation in Dubai and they do a wide range of treatments and operations.

* American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital: With international staff, each doctor with international qualifications and long years of experience, this clinic has a great reputation in Dubai. This clinic is rather specialised in face and neck related treatments and surgeries

Specialised plastic surgery institutes include the upper mentioned American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital or the Denver Cosmetic Surgery Clinics that deal with facelift related operations while ABSMC is an expert in terms of hair transplantations and orthopaedic sort of operations. Silkor, a famous Middle Eastern aesthetic surgery is an expert when it comes to laser hair removals. Surgery Dubai, the leading aesthetic surgeon Dr. Parashkar of which is also in team of Cocoona is specialised in all sorts of Body Contouring treatments.

As you can see, Dubai aesthetic surgeons has a great wide range of services and there is a high number of clinics which you can turn to, should you feel the need of having any sort of aesthetic treatment. Before actually decide, always listen to the doctors’ advice regarding the actual need for treatment including pre and post-operation procedures.

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