Popular Jewellers at Dubai Gold Souk

In this guide, we would like to represent you the world famous Dubai Gold Souk. It houses the best Dubai jewellers and the most elite jewellers all the same. Those jewellers who have great shiny stores in the shopping centres of Dubai all have their showrooms here in the centre of gold trading and gold shopping. Let us see some of the jewellers that are located in the Gold Souk and the main characteristics of the Gold Souk as well.

Gold Souk is located in the old town part of Deira. This area is famous for its great location, bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Dubai Creek. The district is not only famous for its great souks such as the Gold Souk but also for its great Dhow Wharfage, an old style port for the historical Arabic vessels which long time ago served as the primary ways of exporting and importing goods to Dubai. Dhows are definitely something to try once you are in Dubai. Many of them serve as tourist boat for great sightseeing cruises along the Dubai Creek and the Persian Gulf with a dinner and a great performance on board. Deira district served as Dubai’s centre of government and municipality. Today it is the most famous souk district of Dubai. The Gold Souk is the centre of Dubai jewellers and the whole gold trading of the city, which is today controlled mainly by the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

The Dubai jewellers that count all have their stores here. The Gold Souk is not in whole a covered traditional souk, which is full of bazaars. It has its modern parts too and some shopping centres which exclusively serve as hubs for many Dubai jewellers, let them be retail or wholesale businesses. Most of the biggest Dubai jewellers which today count as the best in the Emirates have started their career here and they keep their showrooms in the Gold Souk because of the business. Some examples include the Damas Jewellery, the Taiba Jewellery, the Dhamani or the Prima Gold Jewellers. The shine of gold here is immense. The quality goods of over three hundred quality jewellery stores await you with their offers. The Gold Souk is also popular for their great offers and the chance for haggling. Many top Dubai jewellers have not one but even 5 stores within the gold souk, each one offering different items. The silverware or diamond jewelleries are also likely to find over here. Dubai’s silver specialist Tanyaz or the Indian gold jewellers such as Chungath are all offering some great unique collections.

Gold Souk is a must-visit place on all levels. No matter you want to shop here or not, the great variety of the Gold Souk’s Dubai jewellers is part of the cultural heritage of Dubai and you would miss so much if you did not visit it. Besides, the Gold Souk is very easy to reach, both by bus, by water taxi or by the Dubai Metro too.

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