Popular Nightclubs of Dubai

It is said that the city of Dubai never sleeps! Tourists who visit Dubai should get a flavor of the exciting nightlife of the city. The nights are made lively and bustling with abundant nightclubs across the city. You will find them in every part of the city, opening its doors for customers with abundance in food, drinks and excellent hospitality. If you are a lover of foods from different regions, rich art, diverse culture and variety of languages then Dubai Nightclubs is the place to look forward to. There are many nightclubs across the city, catering to the likes and preferences of all. Here is a glimpse of some popular nightclubs of the city.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your entire family, you should visit the Hard Rock Café in Dubai. Located in one of the prime centers of the city, this is the place where you can enjoy excellent hard rock food and brilliant live music. In this luxurious nightclub, you can enjoy some finest foods and music which you can get in Dubai. If you are looking for something more and wish to make the most of your nightlife, while you are in Dubai, check out Cyclone Night Club. Cyclone is popular as being a famous pick up joint – this is the place which really rocks in Dubai!! This place is meant for those who enjoy continuous rock and roll entertainment. If you are the cooler kind, you should check out the other interesting nightclubs of Dubai.

If you are looking for some real special with a traditional and residential feel, you need to visit The Irish Village. Located very close to Aviation Club of Dubai, this Irish Village is one of those rare places where you can have alcohol without being in a hotel. Alcohol is served to all guests in a typical Irish style pub, with eating facilities available outdoors as well as indoors. Guests can experience the best of hospitality in an authentic pub feel. The place is extremely popular among tourists visiting Dubai and is also frequented by locals and expats. Do not forget to have the sumptuous delicacies which are served here.

Many tourists desire to experience Arabic ambience and warmth as long as they are in Dubai. If you are looking for such places and ambience, the unusual Arabic nightclubs of Dubai will be the right place for you. These nightclubs serve some of the finest and authentic Arabic dishes along with the best combination of cocktails. Live entertainment is an integral feature of these nightclubs, where you can have your meals while enjoying the performances of dancers and local singers. These are the places where you can get the best taste of Arabic culture. Kasbaa Royal Mirage Hotel is one such nightclub which is a must visit when you are in Dubai. This club is built into three levels with entire place decorated in authentic Arabic style. Live Arabic music performed by DJs help to keep the dance floor alive round the clock.

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