Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai

Reconstruction surgery includes plastic and aesthetic surgery, yet it also means much more than that. Reconstructive surgery includes all sorts of surgeries targeting to reconstruct different parts of the body after mastectomy or after any sort of accidents, this way requires much more expertise and experience than plain cosmetic surgery. Thanks to Dubai getting on the first place in terms of medical establishments and the overall quality of medical services, high quality reconstructive surgery is now available in Dubai and we would like to represent you with some of the best institutes that offer this sort of specialised surgery in Dubai.

Surgery Dubai: Led by Dr. Sanjay Parashkar, who is also the leading surgeon of Cocoona Cosmetic Surgery has decades of experience paired up with the best quality international certificates also in terms of reconstructive surgery offers the following surgeries at Surgery Dubai:
• Craniofacial Surgery: This surgery is one of the most complicated sorts of plastic surgery, which includes the reconstruction of facial features to change any defect or alteration caused by birth or by an accident to make the face to look its normal best again. This surgery normally has a post-operation healing period for up to 3 months.

• Hand Surgery: The surgery aims to fix disorders, which also includes the transferring of bone, skin and the building in of implants.

• Skin surgery: Skin replacement is a vital part of reconstructive surgery, especially when it comes to wounds of burning on the face or such areas of the body, where the wounds can be seen.

• Wound management: This is especially important when it comes to the correction of the healing defects of a wound that can indeed look very scary. This operation requires a great deal of expertise.

As you can see above, reconstructive surgery contains complicated operation that requires tons of experience and a great deal of knowledge about reconstructive and plastic surgery. Another well-respected surgery in Dubai that offers all sorts of orthopaedic reconstructive surgery is the American British Surgical and Medical Centre, which offers some of the following complicated surgery for its patients. It is important to add, that many of these surgeries are used by and useful for professional sportsmen and professional athletes. In the US and other countries, the surgery of sport related defects is one of the most expensive and hardest to get.

• MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery)– correction of arthritis related injuries.
• Hip replacement – in many sports hips can easily be injured. This operation aims to correct or to entirely change hipbones.
• Knee Replacement – Knee is one of the most affected areas that can easily get damaged and cut someone’s professional sports career. Therefore, these specific surgeries are essential for sportsmen at times, especially when some of the best experts in the world do them.
• Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) this treatment as a connected treatment aims to relieve post injury and even post-operation pain of joints and tissues. Used for professional sportsmen in order to shorten healing period.

Dubai Surgery, which is led by Dr. Ashok Govila, one of the best aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons in Dubai offers a wide range of reconstructive surgery for his patients which include:
• Cranofacial surgery
• Breast reconstruction
• Skin Grafts
• Tissue Expansion
• Flap and Microsurgery
• Hand surgery
• Scar revision

American Hospital also offers reconstructive surgery among its services. So far, there upper mentioned institutes are the best and most suggested when it comes to specialised, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery in Dubai.

It is important to add, that the expertise level of local surgeons does not only compete with the level of the best clinics all around the world: the best plastic and reconstructive surgeons from all around the world come to Dubai, to do reconstructive surgery at the upper mentioned clinics. Before undergoing such invasive operation, be sure to be informed about everything regarding the actual operation and the pre-and post-operation periods.

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