Romantic Lingerie by Etam

Etam is a French retail chain that offers reasonably priced clothing and accessories that reflect fashion of Paris. It has been a long and wonderful love affair between Women and Etam Lingerie, since 1916 to be precise. Etam brand of lingerie has been playing a very important role in women’s inner attire since then. Etam Lingerie is, and has been, a part of every woman and every woman’s needs. If would like to think of lingerie that is totally feminine and seductive, think of Etam Lingerie.

Etam is one of the leading brands of fashion lingerie which caters exclusively for young, urban, modern women, whose needs change according to the fashion trends of the season. Its products fall into three different and distinct categories – city wear, casual chic wear that can be worn both during the week and at weekends, and weekend wear.

Etam Lingerie offers today’s woman a totally feminine, comfortable, and sparkling collection. It has been found that is extremely difficult to satisfy today’s fashion conscious woman, but Etam does. To satisfy their perpetually evolving and changing moods, Etam Lingerie has defined four main collections: Trend, Essentials, Freshness, and Seduction. The passion with which Etam creates its work is absolutely evident by the way they approach their work from conceptualization to finish. Etam’s choice of fabric, their styling, their cut, their choice of colors, and their fitting makes it stand apart from the crowd.

Etam Lingerie, which is a leading brand in women’s luxury lingerie offer collections to suit any woman or girl, and to match their moods. They have a wide array of lingerie collection to match the occasion or suite their needs, which range from chic, demure, and sassy, to the notoriously naughty. Etam, which is one of the leading European lingerie brands focuses on fulfilling the intimate needs of the modern day woman. The lingerie brought out by them is fashionable, yet comfortable. A number of stunning Etam lingerie creations adorn their stores with fresh collections being added every season.

Etam range of lingerie includes bras, briefs, camisoles, pyjamas, babydolls and garter-bustiers. With comfort and luxury as their main objective, Etam lingerie is designed for both casual wear and for special occasions like parties and weddings. Their bras are designed using delicate fabric that feels just like a soft whiff of air against the skin.

Cute babydolls in soft, subtle shades are bound to bring out the little girl in a woman. Bright colors in bold designs are also available in Etam’s lingerie collections. Chemises that are delicate on your skin and bustiers that bring out your assets are some of Etam’s specialized lingerie ensemble.

Etam lingerie gives its clients the freedom to shop from the comfort of their homes by using its online portal. Using Etam’s online portal leaves the people stunned when they see the massive and wide range of their collection. So shrug off all inhibitions and be the woman you want to be -with Etam lingerie.

Etam’s lingerie is designed with the motto “reasonable, but with real fashion sense”. Their bras start at around 105 AED, and underwears start at around 50 AED, which proves how reasonably priced they are. Etam lingerie is cute, romantic, thrilling, bewitching, and definitely luxurious. And, one of the things that make them really unique is the distinctive French style.

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