Rugby World Cup Sevens

Rugby World Cup Sevens is quite an important event for all those, who like rugby. Sevens rugby, comes from the number 7, which means the number of players per team in a match. Sevens Rugby was first played in Scotland from where it is originated for this reason. The cup of Rugby World Cup Sevens is called Melrose Cup, named after the very place where sevens rugby was first played in Scotland. Rugby World Cup Sevens has tournaments every 4 years.

The very first Rugby World Cup Sevens was held back in 1993. The sport is managed by the International Rugby Board, which has been taking many steps in order for the Sevens Rugby to become an authorised Olympic Sport. The reason of this was not only to target the international recognition but also IRB wanted to finish the original Rugby World Cup Sevens, with the intention to make the four- year finals as part of the Olympic Games. By now, Sevens rugby has luckily been accepted by the Olympic Committee, but the future of the world cup is still unsure, regarding the fact that only half of their teams can play in the Olympic games. According to their rules, only twelve teams can participate in one tournament. Knowing that and the fact that the average number of teams participating in the Rugby World Cup Sevens is around 40, we can see there is chance to see more Rugby World Cup Sevens competitions.

Having read all this information about this Anglo-Saxon sport, it may come to your mind that why is this topic for Dubai? Nevertheless, knowing Dubai and its high motivation in order to give place to all sorts of international sports events, you will ultimately see it is no wonder this sport relates in connection with this rich sheikhdom. Dubai has applied as one destination of the Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament that travels all around the world to have different rugby matches at each country. Dubai was finally selected, and the first Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament was held over there in 2009.

The timing was great, as by this time the huge outdoor stadium of Dubai Sports City completed, welcoming all the 60,000 viewers to watch the rugby fights. The winner of the men’s tournament was Wales, which has great match against Argentina in the finals. While in the women’s team, Australia took the Melrose Cup. Dubai Sports City if it will be ready will be the largest and one of a kind mixed use sports complex in the world.

As the Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament holds once in every four year, we might not know when Dubai will be the next again, to host this tournament. Anyway who knows, maybe Dubai will create its own Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament in the next few years, giving you even more chance to enjoy watching, exercising or attending more rugby matches, next to the dozens of already existing and the hundreds of planned attractions that Dubai has on offer.

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