Rydges Plaza Hotel Dubai

The emergence of Dubai as a city for holiday makers and business people has been due in no small part to the growth of the city’s hospitality sector. At the present time more than 300 hotels are available for the visitor to Dubai to choose from. These range from the fairly basic to the incredibly lavish, with the latter group including some of the world’s most eye catching hotels such as the Burj al Arab and the Trump International. To get an impression of just how immense the level of building in Dubai has been, it is necessary only to look at photographs of the skyline of this city – dotted as it is by large towers and twinkling lights, standing almost as a call to the world’s travelers.

Rydges Plaza Hotel If you are planning a holiday in Dubai and are doing it in such a way that booking flights and hotels is your responsibility then you will have to base your decision on your own instincts. Which do you go for? The remarkable, expensive-looking hotel that glitters like a jewel and towers over the rest? Or the more basic one which wisely decides that competition with the big hitters is pointless and concentrates on being the best it can be? In making such a decision a lot of things must be taken into account – price, quality, comfort, location and suitability among others. Prioritizing which of these is the most important for you will help you make your eventual decision.

Although the big reputations inevitably go to the hotels with the big names, bigger edifices, big budgets and brightest lights, there are plenty of mid-range hotels in Dubai which give you the chance to see the city without overspending and sending yourself surging towards debt. Some hotels will cost the same for a ten-day break as the Burj would cost for a night – the expense may seem worth it, but it is still considerable. A hotel such as the Rydges Plaza Dubai shows that it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money to get an excellent hotel in this most opulent of cities. The reviews which it receives constantly from visitors suggest that few if any are put off by its lack of a comparable reputation to some of the others – in fact, it seems all the more popular for it.

The words of frequent visitors are always useful when evaluating a hotel, and for the Rydges Plaza Dubai they all seem to be glowing. Among other things, the quality and choice of restaurants impresses, as does the friendliness of the staff – some of whom have been there for years now, not something which can be said of many hotels anywhere. There is really no reason that you need choose between comfort, quality and price when it comes to choosing a hotel in Dubai. The Rydges Plaza means that you can be well-served on all those fronts. This is something that makes it stick in the minds of past visitors and interested first-time Dubai tourists.

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