Luggage Bags by Samsonite

Samsonite is arguably the most popular producer of luggage and laptop bags all over the world. No wonder that when it comes to quality travelling, Samsonite first comes to our mind. Naturally in Dubai there are so many ways to buy Samsonite products, no matter it is about cabin bag, laptop bags and even sport bags. Samsonite itself does not deal with handbags but it is the producer of the handbags of other brands, namely of American Tourister, Timberland, Lark and Lacoste. Let us see where to find Samsonite spinner and Carry On Spinner luggage stores in Dubai.

Samsonite was established in the United States in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder who was inspired by the Biblical story of Samson and the brand name Samsonite was used from 1941 and was officially announced in 1966. It is interesting to know that or a while Samsonite had a subsidiary which was dealing with the producing of chairs and card tables in Tennessee, but was eventually stopped. Interestingly Samsonite was also in the producing of LEGO toys, as it got licence by the Danish LEGO company until 1972 in the US and 1986 in Canada. Samsonite headquarters have moved from Denver to Mansfield Massachusetts in 2001 and the company’s newest owner is CVC Capital Partners Ltd. from 2007. It is also an interesting fact that the official mascot of Samsonite is a gorilla counting from its advertising campaign back in the Seventies. Today, Samsonite is famous for its great quality luggage production and many, especially those who travel frequently or want a quality laptop bag turn to Samsonite for buying one. From 2005 to 2009, it was former Louis Vuitton executive Marcelo Bottoli in order to give a push to the company, which he did with success. Due to the international crisis, Samsonite too got very close to bankruptcy from around 2008 but was luckily saved. Therefore, the majority of Samsonite bags are today produced in India and Samsonite plans to create its Far Eastern base in China in the near future. With the production of mainly the Timberland and Lacoste handbags Samsonite today is standing on multiple feet that makes its security as well.

Samsonite products are not cheap due to their brand and quality. However, if you are lucky you can catch some great discounts in Dubai for its products. Yet it has remained the best quality provider of travellers’ luggage, especially its spinner-laptop bag combinations that thousands of businesspersons use for travelling all around the world. In Dubai too, Samsonite is very popular, especially its hard-shelled luggage which are proved to stay strong for years, in order to give protection for the luggage. Also, the company keeps up with the trends, as the accepted cabin baggage is smaller in Europe than in the US, it offers cabin baggage in multiple sizes, according to both European and US standards. Notable collections of Samsonite include Bayamo, Concertine, Stratolite, Cordoba, AeroPC, Quadrion and its re-launching some of their previous best selling products like Xion2, Hommage2 and ProDeluxe’08.

Samsonite has set up its regional headquarters in Dubai in 2008 and opened three label stores that can be found in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Deira City Centre. The brand has also exclusive retail partnership with Debenhams (in the Dubai Mall) and with Harvey Nichols (Mall of the Emirates) where you can still see their great luggage and hand-luggage collections.

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