Sandboarding in Dubai

Sandboarding in Dubai

Have you ever tried sandboarding before? Whether the answer is yes or not, Dubai is the paradise of sandboarding, so do not miss this chance. Come to Dubai and enjoy the beauty of sand dunes to its fullest.

Dubai is today one of the most popular touristic paradises in the world offering all types of attractions and facilities to suit as many needs as possible. Dubai, as part of the Middle Eastern countries is on a mostly deserted area, which is not a blessing in every way. However, Dubai has learned how to turn its desert into a very famous and visited desert. Dubai desert is located outside of the city, in fact it is surrounding the city; so no wonder that dozens of touristic safaris depart every day, to visit it s beautiful sand dunes. If you choose to go on a desert safari, then sandboarding is currently one of the attractions on offer. Being quite similar to snowboarding in its feeling, sandboarding has quickly become a quite popular sport for both locals and tourists.

Sandboarding and sand skiing has become very popular sports in those countries that do not have high mountains where one can ski. In countries where there are sand dunes, people have realised some features of the sand. Sand, similarly to snow is a little bit slippery. Similarly to snow, sand too can let you slide on dust if you do it standing on something, let it be a board, ski or surf.

The smart tour operators have quickly seen the possibility of sandboarding in Dubai and they have quickly implemented it as a part of their Desert tour. Talking about a desert tour, let us describe this program with a little more expansion. Desert tours depart normally in the late afternoon, due to the heat both in the desert and in the city, which would make the trip otherwise not so enjoyable. Dubai Desert is the most beautiful before sunset. The yellow-red dunes give an unforgettable sight and this together with the blue sky and the sun going down just offers the most beautiful view ever to the desert.

Dubai desert safari program offers people to forget where they come from and where they are going. The desert simplifies life, but also letting people live it to its fullest. Tourists arriving in the Dubai desert learn a lot about the life of Bedouin people; these people have always lived in the desert, and have learned how to use its features to profit from them. During a desert safari, you can enjoy a tasty dinner made usually by the driver and the guide. You can listen to some of the traditional Bedouin songs, and if you are lucky, next to sandboarding, you can also see some of the old dances, which, if conducted by men, contains stories on fighting or hunting represented in these dances.

If you choose to stay overnight in the Dubai desert, then you will almost surely have the chance to see a belly dancer performing dances. The place of belly-dancing in culture has always been a little bit controversial, but anyhow, tourist operators have quickly realised the great success of belly-dancing, so ever since, this program is one part of the overnight desert safaris. Therefore, come and ride the dunes of Dubai. Sandboarding is really a must-try sport and during sandboarding, you will not even catch cold.

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