Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire is a unique stone, which you just cannot find anywhere. If you would like to buy an engagement ring, which is very special for a very special person, we definitely suggest you to check out the great choice of beautiful Sapphire rings at the hundreds of jewellers of Dubai. Dubai is literally the home of jewellery these years and it is the target of many, who would like to buy jewellery, much cheaper than their price in any other country. In our article, we will represent you this unique gemstone and the availability of Sapphire engagement rings in Dubai.

Sapphire as a gemstone and as an engagement ring has become immensely popular, when Prince Charles has used a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring to engage Princess Diana.

Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone, the value of which competes with the value of mediocre quality white diamonds. Quite interestingly, the colour of Sapphire can be diverse, ranging from red to deep blue, but there are also yellow, green and white forms of this gemstone available for customers. Sapphire is mainly mined in Sri Lanka, Australia and Thailand that makes this gemstone widely available for Indian jewellers a great percentage of which have their showrooms or representatives in Dubai. Therefore, if you are willing to buy beautiful sapphire engagement rings, we suggest you to check out the Indian jewellers of the Dubai Gold Souk and the Indian Meena Bazaar, both of which offer you a beautiful variety of Sapphire jewellery.

Out of the Dubai brands, it is Damas Jewellery as the first and biggest brand – the showrooms of which you should definitely visit in search of sapphire jewellery. The great brand offers the widest variety of collections, coming from different countries. In real, there is no jewellery or sort of gemstone, which would not be available at Damas Jewellery. The brand today grew so big, that it’s currently the only brand which has made different sorts of showrooms, to represent its different price range collections, from the haute couture you can find at its “Les Exclusives” from the fine quality but friendly priced Damas 22K stores. The brand offers the collections of close to 30 other brands not including its watches collections and it has special releases for the special celebrations of mainly India and the Muslim world.

If you would like to browse among the best local and international jewellery collections, you should definitely visit the great Dubai Mall, where you can find the best jewellers in the world at one place. From Tiffany and Co to Van Cleef and Arpels, from Dhamani to the highly exclusive Devji Aurum, you can get to see some of the world’s most beautiful sapphire rings.

If you are smart, you can check out some of the most exclusive and beautiful sapphire engagement rings in the Dubai Mall. Then, you can head straight to one of the great quality jewellers of the Gold Souk such as Al Liali or to the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park to Passion Jewellers who deal with the making of high quality customised jewellery.

Overall, sapphire engagement rings are very special, very beautiful and in Dubai, you can be sure to find the most beautiful ones. Take great care though to buy rings only from trusted brands, as sapphire, being a coloured gemstone is rather easy to replicate.

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