Seaplane Flight Tour Dubai

Seaplane flight tour is one of the newest programs, implemented into the already colourful program offers of Dubai. Dubai seaplane flight is definitely one must-try programs that will take you to an unforgettable journey. The great in taking a seaplane flight over Dubai is that you can really travel back to history, when people could only fly with these smaller planes all around the world. This air-tour is a great experience for everyone.

A Dubai seaplane flight tour normally takes 40 minutes, which gives just enough chance for everyone to enjoy Dubai from a bird’s perspective. This is a great choice for one to take photos of places, which one cannot photograph from the ground this way. The most suggested sites to take photos of are the artificial islands, the Palm Jumeirah and The World archipelago. These look unforgettable this way. As the Dubai seaplane flight flies all over the city, so you can catch a glimpse of the many minarets, the huge Grand Mosque of Dubai, the huge skyscraper city the Dubai Marina. You can see every yachts and boats in the area. You can see the narrow streets of Bur Dubai and Deira, with the huge fort of Bur Dubai. You will see the Dubai Creek with its picturesque water traffic. You might also catch the sight of beautiful the yellow-red desert dunes not that far away, shining all around Dubai. Dubai seaplane flight tour will take you to see the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, together with the entire Jumeirah Beach area, containing most of the trademark buildings of Dubai. If you take off from Jebel Ali, you will see the huge Jebel Ali resort together with the huge port of Jebel Ali, currently the largest among all the fabricated ports, all over the world. The list of fantastic sites to see could go on.

The seaplane flight tour does not fly high, only around 300 to maximum 500 meters above ground, so you can see every sites and attractions of Dubai in this way. Seaplanes can accommodate around 30 people. Here one can even take children of any age, and this program is one of the safest programs of Dubai.

The seaplane flights take off either from the Jebel Ali area, of from the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, just by the Dubai Creek, in the downtown of Dubai. Jebel Ali Sea Resort and Spa is around thirty kilometres from Dubai. Naturally, each guest will get a drive either to the Dubai Creek or to Jebel Ali.

The seaplane of Dubai seaplane flight tour takes off straight from the water. The forty minutes for one journey might seem too few, but in real, it is not such a short time. This time enables everyone to catch all the most beautiful sites and to take lot of photographs from above the city. The Dubai seaplane flight over the city is really a memorable program, which you should really try. It is one of the experiences you cannot get anywhere else, but in Dubai.

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