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Armani is among the most appreciated Italian fashion brands in the world. So, its no wonder that it manufactures not only fashion items but all sorts of accessories, leather items and also watches and jewellery. Armani watches are manufactured in Switzerland by the American Fossil Watch brand, which is the manufacturer and distributor of several other brands as well, such as DKNY watches, Columbia, Adidas and Michael Kors. The Armani watches have two main lines: Emporio Armani watches and Armani Exchange. Armani watches are distributed by the Seddiqi group in Dubai, they can also be found in the Armani stores and in the Armani hotel in Deira.

Designer watches are normally very popular because although they feature a well known brand, the watchlines are normally only partly as expensive as a top Swiss watch-brand which makes them much more eligible. These watches also feature high profile design features and fair level precision. Mostly designer watches are made by a prominent watch company through contract with the designer brand itself.

Armani watches are really quality timepieces sold in good quantities in Dubai and all over the world. The Armani watches are designed by Armani himself, then get manufactured by the Swiss factory of Fossil Watches. Fossil has become really well known when it purchased the Swiss quality watch manufacturer called Zodiac Watches. Zodiac Watches have given tremendous expertise for the Texan company which by this took over the watch manufacturing of several other designer brands as well. Armani watches are made out of the best materials and are indeed quality timepieces with all the Swiss punctuality and reliability. Armani watches feature more lines. Here by we represent you with some of the main collections of Emporio Armani watches:

Philosophy Meccanico: the most expensive watch line of Armani featuring the complicated models with the highest number of special features. These are highly stylish watches which go with any sort of fashion trend.

Philosophy Donna: features the women’s collection of Armani watches with the jewel- like watches and casual watches for everyday wear.

Philosophy Sport: the sporty special watch line which features 3 hand chronograph watches in different size and colour with genuine leather or rubber straps.

Philosophy Classic: is the collection of classic Armani Watches featuring round or square and pillow shaped models made out of stainless steel. This collection features classic watches without special features. They come in three different sizes.

Diverse collections of Armani watches are on the Dubai market. These watches represent a quite attractive fashion brand with great designs and for this reason they are very well selling in Dubai too. Apart from the Armani fashion stores, Armani doesn’t hold different stores for its watches. The retail of solely Armani watches is in the hands of the Dubai Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, who are among the most prominent retailers of the best quality watches.

The places you can buy Armani watches under Seddiqi and Sons: Deira City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, Deira Tower, Marina Mall, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Marina Mall, Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai, Le Meridien and the Royal Meridien, Atlantis the Palm, Jumeirah Beach Hotels in Dubai…

Armani watches, although they are not as high profile as a top Swiss watch brand are genuinely precise and great looking value watches. So, as you see in Dubai there are many places for buying Armani watches. If you are smart you will go to Dubai to buy watches and luxury goods during the Dubai Summer Surprises event when great discounts apply at every shops.

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