Shop for Engagement Ring in Dubai

An engagement ring is a sign when a man professes his love for the woman of his dreams and decides to spend the rest of his life with this woman. Hence it is a very precious and private moment that is shared by two people with single solitaire. That is how important engagement rings have become in this age and time. Dubai is also known as the City of Gold, but what makes an engagement ring stand out is not the gold but the beautiful solitaire that tops it. To find some of the most beautiful engagement rings in Dubai, you should have a look at the following places.

Kyra is the first choice if you are looking for a trusted online jewelry retailer. Founded in 1999, Kyra is voted amongst the top names in the E-commerce and online jewelry retail space in the UAE and Middle East. They sport a spell binding array of beautiful creations, manufactured and sourced from the best in the world. Kyra is a name that one goes to when they are looking for unique statement pieces, customized engagement rings and wedding rings. All the products that are displayed on the website and at the Gold & Diamond Park Boutique is crafted by leading designers and veteran goldsmiths at their state-of-the-art facility in Dubai. They have an entire collection of Custom Made Platinum Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings , Hand Crafted One of Necklaces, Certified Diamonds , Diamond Jewelry, Kids Jewelry and the newly launched brand ‘BLING’ which is a line of fashion accessories.

Tejori Diamonds is another exquisite choice of jewelry for those who seek a store that delivers what they preach. Based in UAE, Tejori Diamonds has been involved in the sale of diamond, gemstone and pearl jewelry for almost 50 years now. They have been working with some of the most reputable industry partners in order to deliver superior quality gems and jewelry to their loyal and international clientele. There are multiple reasons why one should choose Tejori Diamonds for the perfect engagement ring, but here are just a few, the fact that you can negotiate on your price is an advantage, they have 7 convenient locations all around Dubai which makes shopping very easy,
they have around 2,000 pieces to view in store, if you have something specific in mind they can have it created for you in a matter of 24 hours, they also offer a lifetime warranty on their products, these are just some of the top features that make Tejori Diamonds who they are.

Blue Nile or the source of brilliance was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. The company has been built on a very simple concept – that choosing an engagement ring does not have to be complicated, that making the right choice can be rather easy. This approach and reputation for excellence has gained Blue Nile its popularity from high end publications.

If not the above options you could also have a look at Devi Jewels and Dubai Rocks for some more unique and affordable options for that perfect engagement ring.

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