Shopping at the Glamorous Souk Al Bahar

Souk Al Bahar ranks as one of the best shopping malls in Dubai. It was opened in December 2007. It is located on Exit 32 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is an amazing man made constructed wonder. When we look at the structure and the construction style of this beautiful shopping mall, it really gives us feelings to be unique and amazing. It is among the biggest shopping malls of the world. Its beauty attracts tourist strongly. Tourists from all over the world don’t miss to visit here during their tour of UAE. Its construction reflects old Islamic cultural of building designs. Drawings and designing on the walls of the mall are also unbelievable. All these designing on the wall are handmade. It’s really hard to believe that it is structured by hand of craftsmen. Its appearance looks like that it is a palace of an emperor.

Souk Al Bahar has a very glamorous look. Entry in the mall is free. Very large and free parking facilities are also available in the premises of the Souk Al Bahar. People all over from United Arab Emirates visit this shopping mall with their friends and family members. All the Facilities of mall are awesome. Fresh and filtered drinking water coolers are installed at every 20 meters. Clean and hygienic public wash rooms are also available. Safety and cleanliness of Souk Al Bahar are always the first priority of managing authority of the mall. It is a beautiful venue. Gaming zone is also available for kids. Beauty parlors, saloons and boutiques for ladies and gents are also located in the mall. The mall has a very peaceful atmosphere. It is widely open and spacious. A large number of water fountains are also added to make it more attractive.

Security arrangements in the Souk Al Bahar are of international standards. Security staff is always at move in different areas of the mall. Commandoes in the civilian dresses are also moving in the mall to get the control and update the security centers. Security cameras are also installed in the mall even in the washrooms cabinet. Security of the mall is given is handed over to professional security agency.

Souk Al Bahar is still in the phase of establishing his place in the market. It is opened recently. Business in the mall is not at its peak yet. Despite this fact, more than 100 retail outlets and 22 international restaurants have opened their setup in Souk AL Bahar. You can find here each and everything of your choice and requirement. You can purchase branded clothes, bags, shoes and sandals, kitchenware, electronic appliances and much more. ATM machines of all international banks are also installed in the mall. Shopping in Souk Al Bahar is a wonderful experience. A very healthy and peaceful environment is provided in the mall. You can do your shopping at your will while having a wonderful experience of its dining facilities. Twenty-two excellent restaurants are in business 24 hours a day in the premises of the mall. You can sit together with your friends and families and enjoy the best taste of food.

Owners and managing staff of Souk Al Bahar have a very serious plan to extend the premises of the mall. Owners of the mall are ranked among top ten richest persons of the world. All the required information about the mall can be easily obtained on the official website of Souk Al Bahar.

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