Shopping for Hermes in Dubai

Dubai is all about shopping, especially with a high emphasis on luxury shopping, as this city is the Middle Eastern haven of luxury, so no wonder that you will see all luxury shops representing themselves in Dubai. Hermés is one of these shops, being one of the main and most expensive luxury French fashion brands, popular all over the world.

Hermés is one of the oldest noble fashion houses of Paris, in France founded by an expat German family who started Hermés shop as a harness workshop around 1850, in the downtown of the capital. In a few years, it has become one of the most popular shopping sites for the nobles who in those ages have still frequently used horses in their everyday life. With the running of times and changing of fashion, Hermés has started to change its area of specialization for creating tailored fashion items for women and men. Within a few other decades, Hermés managed to widen its offer and today it has 14 divisions, with the leather goods including handbags, shoes, and accessories gloves. Then, there is the huge menswear section including with ties and scarves. Of course, the main section is the women’s fashion with the perfume and jewellery segment including watches as well.

It was a big deal when the brand decided to open its first store in Dubai. Dubai, already well known for its endless love of all luxury items, gave Hermés the primary reason to establish its store and then the second one in Dubai. Hermés created a good and well-going partnership with Touareg traditional jeweler makers, in order to sell them their jewellery.

Shopping at Hermés in Dubai is quite an experience, especially the grand shop looks beautiful and the offer is impeccable. Currently, the brand has two stores in Dubai, the first one opened in the BurJuman Center, the second and largest one opened in the Dubai Mall around 2008 at a relatively huge territory comprising around 700 square meters. Of course, the top women of Dubai frequently visit both shops and it is quite a famous shopping site for tourists.

The offers of the Dubai Hermés stores are quite wide, giving chance for you to shop the top French fashion items. In addition, their situation is exceptional, as out of these two, there are no other Hermés brand stores in the region, so all rich and royal Dubai women order from those two shops. That is why there has been rumors circulating around, that there are some exceptional who are the only ones who can pre-order one of the brands iconic handbags, which in the recent years have become extremely famous.

Besides, at any Hermés, you can buy some beautiful quality items. If you are staying in Dubai in the summer period, you can get many chances to buy some discounted pieces. In addition, if you look well at the outlet stores, you may as well find some great discounted Hermés items.

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