Shopping For Mobiles at DSF

Mobile phones and similar gadgets have grown out to become one of the best profiting businesses in the world. Several people travel to Dubai, or use their time in Dubai to go out shopping great brands, newcomers and such releases that never get to Europe or to the US, which also includes limited editions and other rarities. Therefore, it is highly advised to check out on mobile phones, when you go out shopping in Dubai. In our article, we will say a few words about the best places to buy used or new mobile phones, the mobile network providers and the contract types in Dubai.

Mobile phone is a great business and mobile phones are arriving in Dubai from all parts of the world. As Dubai is a tax-free country, this means you can instantly save up 10 to 20% when you purchase a mobile phone in Dubai. There are hundreds of traders offering second hand phones coming from all around the world. This way you can spot many editions that you have never seen and never heard of as they were released for a different country or continent. Dubai is full of those people who arrive here to buy up slightly used or new mobile phones to sell them either online or in their respective country. All phones offered in second hand stores or by mobile dealers are unlocked and can be used anywhere in the world.

The best zones in Dubai where you can get mobile phones in great conditions include Bur Dubai and Al Karama districts. These areas are high in souks and marketplaces and full of small stores. Here you can visit over a hundred different dealers and try to bargain and look around. It is highly advised to bargain, if only a little, even if you get a good price. If you will stay or if you return to Dubai quite often, it is also great to go out shopping mobile phones because the vendor where you bought the phone can also repair your phone. There is a store in Bur Dubai that is called Computer Plaza by Khalid bin al Waleed Street or Bank Street where you can get great deals. Other place is the Meena Bazaar, full of Indian stores selling mobile phones very cheaply and in good state. Locals alert us to take cash to pay because paying with credit cards or debit cards is generally 2% more expensive, excluding bank costs. Bigger but also cheap mobile phone sellers in the Karama and Bur Dubai area include Axiom, Jumbo and Cellucom stores that are also present in some smaller shopping malls or in their areas.

While going out shopping mobile phones in Dubai, take into consideration that the two biggest brands on the market currently include Samsung and Apple’s iPhones. This means you will get to see the most from these sorts of phones. This can be turned to your advantage as other brands and styles can tend to be much cheaper.

When in Dubai, you may not be able to use your cell phone with different SIM card, but if your phone is unlocked, you do not need a new one, only SIM. Currently it is only Etisalad and DU. where you can buy SIM cards. In order to have long-term contract, you need to be a resident. For prepaid SIM cards, it is enough to have your passport with your Dubai visa. Using mobile phones is very easy and quick; however, you must pay a great attention to roaming, as it is extremely expensive.

Instead of direct shopping, you can also look around the local websites such as dubizzle to check out cheap mobile phones for you and to get families with the prices. Mobile phones are great business in Dubai and they are also much cheaper than in Europe or in the US and it is definitely worth looking around in the above-mentioned areas and sites for the shopping of mobile phones in Dubai.

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