Staying at Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa was formerly known as Burj Dubai. This is presently the tallest building in the world. In the year 2004 the construction of this building started. It finally got finished in the year 2009. In January 2010 Burj Khalifa was opened for everyone and became the tallest building of the world. This huge building costs $1.5 million USD and the height of this skyscraper is 828 meter which is truly enormous. The total area is more than 4,000,000 m2 and there are 403 Armani Hotel suites there.

It is surrounded by plenty of shopping malls, luxury hotels and many other entertainment options. One can reach till the 124th floor. This place is known as the outdoor observation deck. From here the whole Dubai city looks like a dreamscape. There is a behold telescope and various pictures taken in different time of a day and under various types of weather conditions. The Armani Hotel is the main attractions of Burj Khalifa. This Burj Khailfa hotel offer you the ultimate lifestyle. The interiors are specially designed by Giorgio Armani. It will be the first Armani hotel in the world and that is why there are plenty of speculations going on. Their standard of excellence will be absolutely different and those who want to enjoy luxury and sophistication must visit these hotels. Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle and the Burj Khalifa has made it even special in the world map. If you want to experience these services then you just need to go through the Burj Khalifa hotel booking services on internet.

Burj Khalifa has the world’s highest swimming pool, highest restaurant and highest mosque in it. Thousands of shops are there residential suites and units are there too. Panoramic garden and private institutions are also part of this building. It is owned by the largest real estate organization of the world known as Emaar properties. Burj Khalifa is an architectural masterpiece. The geometry of this building is different and one can see this building even from a distance of 100km. The 160 apartments, suites, the fantastically planned observation deck- everything together make this building one of the must visit and unique places in the world. You can also taste here various delicacies of Arab, Japan, India and other countries.

This is very important to know about the payment procedure to avoid any kind of nuisances. Booking a room is an easy job through the internet, but you can also opt for the telephonic booking service. In case of both types of transaction you need to have a credit card so that the transaction can happen smoothly. The skyscraper amazes the people. Staying there will surely be a great experience for you. All you need is to check the details on line or over the phone. Rest of the things will be done smoothly. Advanced Burj Khalifa hotel booking will ensure your stay over there. Otherwise you may not get the Armani hotel available once you reach there.

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