Taste of Dubai Festival

We know that Dubai is not only famous for its unlimited shopping and beach facilities, but also Dubai is becoming more and more famous for its colourful range of festivals. The city has started up with holding only a few festivals every year, and by now, there are dozens of different events all around Dubai all year long. Taste of Dubai Festival has become one of the most popular intercultural festivals of Dubai. Taste of Dubai is really worth visiting, especially if you are hungry for tasting the Arabic and Intercontinental specialities made by the best chefs for this very occasion.

Taste of Dubai festival is all about eating, but of course not in the greedy but in the gourmet way of eating out. For this event, many of the best chefs gather in Dubai and restaurants get prepared with their very best choices for the visitors to taste them.

Taste of Dubai Festival has become an annual event, held in the first week of March, when the weather is still mild yet warm enough to eat and stay out of your hotel. The festival is held in the huge Dubai Media City, which has the place prepared to welcome all types of musical and touristic events. Dubai Media City also hosts the annual Dubai International Jazz Festival, being one of the most successful music event in Dubai, which has grown out from having only one stage to having five stage areas where its been held.

Taste of Dubai Festival lasts for three days. During these days, you can get to know many restaurants, with even more specialities, so it is really worth to arrive being hungry. There are different types of entry tickets ranging from AED 60 to AED 200. From one-day ticket to the different types of VIP tickets, some allows you to receive up to four dishes free with drinks included, for the entire duration of Taste of Dubai Festival.

Dozens of international companies sponsor the event. For this reason, you can see programmes like Phillips Chefs Theatre or the Miele Cookery School or the MMI Beverage Theatre offering different fun programmes for the visitors. The Phillips Chefs’ Theatre features top chefs preparing foods and even competing with each other. However, this is not a program to visit when you are hungry. Get prepared to cook some delicious dishes in the Miele Cookery School that is waiting for everyone who are eager to learn more about cooking. The MMI Beverage Theatre is the place for wine-lovers, teaching and demonstrating different types of wines from all around the world. These are only a few taken from the long list of programs during the Taste of Dubai Festival.

As you can see, Taste of Dubai Festival is indeed a delicious program for everyone to visit, so get prepared to visit Dubai during the time of this festival and enjoy all the flavours and smells of great specialities all around. You can even register and order your entrance ticket online from the official website of Taste of Dubai Festival. So, do not miss this chance to eat out in Dubai!

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