The Beautiful Ring Collection of Atlas

Atlas Jewellery is one of the most famous jewelleries of Dubai, especially if you would like to buy gold or diamond rings or wedding bands in great design and for the best prices! Let us look at some of the offers of rings from Atlas Jewellery.

Atlas Jewellery is not only one of the best-established jewelleries in Dubai but also its one of the well-known brands in the whole Middle East, having stores in every Gulf countries and India. The Indian jewellery brand also has some of the best designs among jewellery and works on making fine quality gold, diamond and coloured gemstone collections. Hereby we represent you with the types and variety of rings at Atlas:

• Gold bands: The jewellery has an extensive collection of wedding bands for both men and women. They are decorated with diamonds or come in pure gold and some of them are made with white gold mixed with yellow gold. Bands here come in every size, from the thicker to the classic style. You can also have special wishes carved in your wedding bands of course.

• Gold female rings: Atlas Jewellery has great collections of female rings, for all styles and all occasions. As rings rarely come with collections, they are made to be paired up with multiple collections thanks to their elegant style and great design.

• Gold male rings: Atlas offers various sorts of male rings for its customers. Some of the best out of male gold rings are the signet rings which come in all size and with various motives out of which the lion is the mostly used.

• Diamond bands: Atlas Jewellery offers several great collections of diamond wedding bands made with white or yellow gold.

• Diamond female rings: At Atlas, you can find some of the nicest evening collections of diamond rings. Most of the diamond rings are made of white gold, in order to enhance the light of diamond stones inside.

• Diamond male rings: There are some great designs of diamond rings at Atlas specifically designed for male customers; with their octagonal shapes and passing design, these great rings really look masculine.

• Peatl female rings: Atlas Jewellery offers some of the nicest pearl rings, made out of beautiful Japanese pearls. The pearls are either coloured or painted in diverse colours. Here you can spot rings made out of white, yellow and rose gold.

Atlas Jewellery uses the best quality ingredients for its designs, with the importing of the highest quality gold, diamond and other coloured gemstones always from the best resources.

Atlas Jewellery has over ten brand stores in the downtown area of Dubai, especially concentrated on Deira (Gold Souk), Bur Dubai and Karama districts. You can also find stores of Atlas in Karama supermarket. When you are in Dubai and you are looking for quality rings, do not miss to visit Atlas Jewellery. If you look for rings or bands for great value and prize, you should first browse through the stores of Atlas.

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