The Beauty of Emerald Rings

With its mysterious green colour, emerald has quickly become one of the most favoured coloured gemstones in the world. Used by almost every quality jewellers in the world, emerald rings and jewellery sets are highly valued all around the world and Dubai is also no exception from this trend. In this article, we will explore what is worth knowing about emeralds and which jewellery deals with quality collections of emerald rings in Dubai.

Emerald is a stone that comes from South America as its main exporting country, with Colombia being its main exporter. The beautiful green of emerald has made this gemstone highly valued, worn by nobles, the rich and the celebrities all around the world and inspired artists to name the exact shade of green into emerald. As every precious gemstone in the world, emerald’s quality is also stated by the following standards:

• Colour: the colour of gemstones may hardly differ from their perfect shade. Emerald can only be looked at as a high quality stone if its colour is the closest to the standard.
• Clarity: if you look into a gemstone, you should be able to basically see through it, in case its clarity is 100% perfect. Only rare gemstones can be this clear, so this is a very important quality expectation of a stone.
• Carat: meaning the actual weight and size of a stone after cut
• Cut: there are certain different cuts each of which can enhance one or more quality of a gemstone dramatically. Therefore, cut is very important when it comes to how you see the stone and which cut provides full beauty to it.
• Certificate: not only diamonds, but also each precious gemstone must have an international certificate issued by either IGI (international Gemological Institute) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Accept only certificate as valid which come from either one of these institutes.

Let’s see some of the best Dubai jewellers which specialise in selling beautiful emerald rings and jewellery:
Mamiya Jewellers: Located in the Deira Gold Souk, Mamiya Jewellers featured a beautiful collection of great emerald rings, some of which feature great big stones of emerald, while others represent smaller emeralds in a ring. It has great pieces of emerald and diamond rings as well. Mamiya also operates a showroom in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

• Farah Design: this new yet popular jeweller is specialised in featuring jewellery with beautiful and colourful precious and semi-precious gemstones and it features beautiful emerald jewellery such as emerald rings, earrings, necklaces and other creations.

Damas Jewellery has the biggest number of collections that includes rings with all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Damas features some of its unique emerald rings in its Carrera y Carrera collections.

Of course, all the international jewellers located or represented in Dubai has highly valued collections of emerald rings and various sorts of emerald jewellery, therefore its highly advised to check out multiple stores, within the Dubai Gold Souk, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and in the big shopping malls, such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. In Dubai, every shopping mall has a high number of jewellers no matter which one you intend to visit.

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