The Beauty of the Meena Bazaar

When you are in Dubai, you will see a great intercultural community living together in peace. After the Arabic locals, Indian minority is the biggest in Dubai and Indians have always played the most important role in the business life of Dubai. Therefore Dubai has several Indian areas, which if you visit, you will feel as if you were in India.

Unlike other Middle Eastern states, Dubai is not against the places of worship for other religions, therefore you can get to see a few Hindu temples and Christian churches in Dubai. The most beautiful Hindu temple of the city is located in the Medina of Dubai, the district which is called Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai has always been one of the most important districts of Dubai, located next to the Dubai Creek, you can get to see many of the statal and federal governing bodies seated here, besides Bur Dubai houses the Grand Mosque of Dubai too. The district is famous for its streets of Al Bastakiya, one of the very few places in Dubai where they could keep the old Arab-Iranian look of the city. In one part of Bur Dubai, the one that borders the Dubai Creek and the neighbouring district of Al Bastakiya, you will find Meena Bazaar along with a vast Indian community in the area. Meena Bazaar is a great marketplace, a hub for Indian people where they can get just anything coming from their homeland. The most important goods include traditional Indian jewelry and wedding sets, watches, Indian textiles, Indian furniture and accessories or Indian spices. Of course, these are only some of the dozens of goods that are sold in Meena Bazaar, which, together with its area will really make you feel as if you were in India.

As Meena Bazaar is not really a huge place and in real its not that important for tourists to visit as it is for Indian people the place is not so much promoted by the international press, neither it is by Dubai where its categorised into being only one marketplace of the many. Meena Bazaar is the most attractive to visit in the early evening hours, where you can already get to see the streetlights and the very busy street-life. If you are interested in seeing the traditional wedding garments or textiles and the beautiful wedding jewellery and other accessories coming straight from India, then its Meena Bazaar where you can surely get all these, including some beautiful saris. If you are looking for some cheap watch repair shops then its Meena Bazaar, which is the best place for you. In addition, it is important to note that you can get to see several replicas here, both in watch and in terms of jewellery. You can also get to see two Hindu temples in the Meena area: one is dedicated to Shiva and the other to Krishna Gods.

Overall, Meena Bazaar is really worth some tours if you want to see the exciting Indian street life, if you like to browse among many goods, Meena Bazaar is the Indian style Chinese market, where you can get so many things, but overall it’s the atmosphere that counts the most. If you are lucky, you can find a great Indian restaurant or street restaurant so that you can perfect your Indian experience.

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