The Incredible Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium holds the distinction to be the largest underwater zoo in the world and is in the Guinness World Record for being the Largest Acrylic panel. This evidence is enough to understand the grandness of Dubai aquarium. That is why it is suggested to visit this place at least once while visiting Dubai because it is among the best attractions of the city. Not only will you find hundreds of different underwater species of the world here but also it will provide you a completely unique underwater experience.

Located at the Dubai Mall, visitors also get the opportunity to get indulged in several other underwater experiences like cage Snorkeling, Shark Dives or Glass bottom boat rides at Dubai Aquarium. This place is also quite popular for educational trips because the students can get information about 33,000 aquatic animals at a time at this amazing place. At Dubai Mall, you can enter the tunnel at its ground floor or move towards level 2 for getting into the underwater zoo. The water species can be viewed for free from the ground floor but you will be required to buy a ticket to get a closer look of the fish.

The shark dive experience can prove to be the most amazing adventure of your life because you will get a chance to get closer with the sharks and be a part of the aquarium. Dubai Aquarium offers 4 dives daily starting from 1 pm to 7 pm. In order to ensure safety of the water divers, the PADI professionals provide an all equipped diving suit to the divers. The prices include the training presentation, rental dive equipment, certificate of participation along with the DAN diver insurance. After getting indulged into such a thrilling adventure you can show your certificate of participation to your friends back home that will make you feel proud of doing something that adventurous.

The divers who have not dived in the seawater before will be required to complete a training session of 2 hours along with the friendly instructor of the Aquarium. He will tell the diver about all the basics of diving to ensure a safe and completely adventurous diving experience for him. The training sessions are conducted daily at Al Boom diving for making you experienced enough to finally dive at the Dubai underwater zoo.

However, if you don’t find yourself that brave to experience the sharks while diving into the water then you can still get a closer look of sharks along with all the other amazing underwater species through the glass also. They might be just beside you in the aquarium by the separation of only a glass wall. For a more thrilling experience, you can visit the underwater zoo by night to see its dark and deep jungle. All you need to do is to strap on your headlamp and prepare to go for wildlife spotting. You will be able to see all the rainforest animals like never before. The expert safari guides at Dubai Mall will accompany you to this journey of discovery.

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