The Lagoons

If we know a bit about Dubai, we might as well know that the metropolis has long been a partner in the making of many projects concerning the creation of anything new, or unusual. The Lagoons is a fine example of that, being one of the most looked-at soon-to-be-made projects currently held on the waiting list. The Lagoons, as we expect from Dubai, if once made, will be huge and beautiful and also futuristic and ultra-modern as well.

Currently one of the largest-ever investment is the Lagoons project, another huge project, for its main investor and constructor, the Sama Company in Dubai, costing an approximately 18 billion US Dollars, and it is planned to be located by the Dubai Creek, with its nearly 7 square kilometre area. The first announcement on the Lagoons was back in 2007 already, and since then, the constructions were going on in the past few years. The main reason for its situation lies in the designs, as The Lagoons would have been consisted of seven islands all by the utilisation of water. The Lagoons would have also included the very futuristic looking Dubai Opera House and the Dubai Towers, another huge project –in-project, which had been delayed all the same.

The whole look of the Lagoons would be uniting the nature, with water all around. It would be same as with many complexes of Dubai, already operational or on the way that is, it will be a city-in-the-city, all self-supplying all in one with residence area, shopping-area, parks, playgrounds, entertaining centre and last but not the least, a big business and commerce part. According to many professional architects, the plans of the Lagoons are very realistic. It is interesting to note, that the whole area would be “green” or environmental friendly, as much as it can be, including the usage of high-quality solar systems too.

Being sure that the Lagoons will soon be a ready and operational complex, all the suites of the very first three skyscrapers had been sold out already in 2007! The bad news is that not only they talk about delay, but also some started to mention a whole suspension of this project. This news came following the current actions of Sama Company who has started to offer apartments or villas for all those who have previously bought one in the Lagoons. Therefore, from that it seems that the Lagoons will not be ready, at least, not in its current form, or if so, no earlier than in 15 years.

In the meantime, though the building of the Dubai Opera House is still going on continuously and is planned to be ready in the next few years, so even if the Lagoons will not be realised, at least we can enjoy seeing a part of it.

The Lagoons was a great project. Therefore, let us hope that it will soon be done in the Land of New Promise, Dubai. Lagoons were one of the architectural dreams!

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