The Latest Armani Sunglasses in Dubai

Armani is the name of the Italian fashion house that was founded by Giogio Armani in 1975. This fashion house design, distribute and manufacture many fashion accessories like bags, clothes, shoes, leather goods and sunglasses. Armani sunglasses are one of their most famous accessory lines and therefore, are distributed throughout the world especially in Middle East cities like Dubai. Armani sunglasses are not just famous because of the brand name, but they are also preferred because of their quality and unique designs.

Features of Armani sunglasses:
• Design: Armani sunglasses are available in variety of designs and shapes. The shapes of these sunglasses are designed by focusing on the latest trends of the fashion industry and therefore, they can be worn by every type of individual. Moreover, the design and shapes are kept comfortable yet elegant for every type of personality. Natives of Dubai or tourist like to buy various shaped of Armani sunglasses as the shape reflects on the personality of the buyer.

• Quality: As these sunglasses are manufactured by the leading fashion house of the world, they offer best quality material and lenses. Almost all varieties of Armani sunglasses have high quality pallium material used in them, which makes them safer and durable.

• Variety in colors: Armani sunglasses are available in variety of colors like black, metal and gold. The wide range of color in these sunglasses makes it easy for the customer to choose.

• Lenses: Lenses in Armani sunglasses are highly reflective, so wearer’s eyes can be protected from harmful UV rays and bright lights.

The famous range of Armani sunglasses available in Dubai are:
• Aviator: The aviator range of Armani sunglasses are further divided in two categories based on male and female. This range of Armani eyewear is famous in the city like Dubai because it offers style with the brand name. This range somewhat resemble with Ray ban aviator designs, but Armani fashion house gives it a unique look through introducing colors and shapes.

• Butterfly shield variant: This range of Armani sunglasses is given the name butterfly because of its unique butterfly shape. This range is further divided into many varieties based on their color and design.

Dubai is considered the center of all business activities in the Middle East and therefore, is the house for many leading brands of the world. Almost all leading eyewear brand outlets can be located in {Dubai malls} and duty free centers. Just like every other famous eye wear brand Armani sunglasses has also got its presence in the city. Some of the famous retailers of Armani weyewear can be traced in malls like Dubai Mall, The mall of Emirates, Dubai Festival City and Deira city center Dubai. All these malls have authorized dealers of branded sunglasses. Tourist and locals can easily buy any type and color of Armani sunglasses from these authorized dealers.

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