The Latest Escada Clothing Line

Escada is a high street brand, which is especially famous in Europe. The German brand has grown out to become popular with its great creations of evening dresses however, since then it has also created a more casual line of clothes, it’s the elegance of its creations which has captured so many ladies to become fans of the brand. Let’s check out the availability of Escada in Dubai, alongside a small representation of the brand itself.

Escada is a popular German brand that represents the German taste in the world of fashion. The elite of Europe have worn the rich creation of Escada for several decades. The brand achieved international popularity thanks to its great advertising campaign in the Nineties. That is when it has started to open its stores outside of Germany and outside of Europe all the same. Escada has since then created multiple lines of clothing in order to achieve a greater market for itself.

Escada was founded in Munich, Bavaria located in Germany in 1976 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley an especially talented designing couple who wanted to capture the public’s attention with their outstanding creations. Escada has only made haute couture creations for a long time till they started with the mass production of their clothes collections with their Escada Sports label which they have created in order to make the brand more popular and reachable also for those who do not look for exclusive dresses. Due to its exclusivity and the lack of enough wealthy customers to buy Escada’s creations, the brand has experienced a bad period before and during the economic crisis. In 2007 Escada was bought by the Indian millionaire Lakshmi Mittal whose daughter in law Megha is the owner of Escada brand today. Thanks to a serious rebranding and a change in designers, the first outstanding collections of Escada after its change of owners by Stefan Szczesny who was inspired by Saint Tropez in his creations. Escada Sports is still a popular line of the brand, producing high level tennis, golf, ski and winter sports garments the brand is also creating large revenue with its affordable fragrances which the company creates in cooperation with the large Procter and Gamble Company. Escada’s haute couture range has such elite customers as Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and its creations can be easily spotted to be worn by the rest of European loyalty as well.

Escada’s style is eternally elegant without its creations to be extravagant or too sexy. That is why there are several royal fans of the brand that has always been famous for it rich use of exclusive materials and great designs. Escada Sport represents a fresher and more modern approach to sports goods and has several creations that are widely regarded as overly fashionable all over the world. Escada has stores in the world’s 60 countries. Escada clothes in Dubai:

Today, you can find the label stores of Escada and a separate store for Escada Sports located in the BurJuman Shopping Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates located in the old downtown of Dubai.

If you are looking for elegant clothes that not many people wear and have outstanding designs, do not hesitate to visit one of Escada’s luxury stores in Dubai.

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