The Most Famous Dubai Bars

Bar life in Dubai is rich; the entire downtown area is packed with bars, clubs, night clubs. Dubai bars are located either in business centers and shopping malls or in hotels. The question might come up when talking about the best Dubai bars whether they are serving alcohol, which, when talking about bars, is destined to be their main task in the Western countries. So, let us see how we are to find the best Dubai bars.

The best Dubai bars are located the many downtown areas of Dubai, namely the Deira and Bur Dubai part, along the Dubai Creek, by the Jumeirah Beach in many hotels and in the Madinat Jumeirah, which is a superb complex of shopping, eating out and having fun.

The meaning of the word and the entity that is called a “Bar” is a little bit mixed up with the hundreds of cafés, lounges, clubs and restaurants and that is why it is a little bit hard to define the very best Dubai bars. A bar is usually an entity that concentrates on serving all sorts of drinks and serves nothing bigger than sandwiches or sweets. There is music and live music at a bar, but the dancing area is not too big, as in a Bar people usually do not dance but prefer to enjoy the music while seated. In Dubai, a bar can usually mean a disco in real.

If you are travelling alone, the problems with going to one of the best Dubai bars mean that unless you get a company to book a table, you are less likely to get in or get seat while being there. So, let us see the hippest and the best Dubai bars in the downtown:

Lotus One
Located in the convention tower, on the ground floor this is a real Asian flavour bar being definitely one of the best Dubai bars, a must-visit place for bar lovers. The interiors look great with everything in glass, plush, or metal. Swinging chairs all around the bar might bring back some childhood memories. All the walls are mirrored and they are casually enlightened making the whole place glitter in different colours from time to time. This bar has a lounge and restaurant part and the food served here is Thai. The place serves excellent cocktails. Try the Soprano Joe!

Juna Lounge
This is undoubtedly one of the very best Dubai bars. The bar is located in the world famous hotel, the Burj Al Arab. The Juna Lounge has the best cocktails in town and that is why it is not easy to get in here, as it has usually crowded. However, if you are patient, get some new or old friends to go with you, together you will have better time and more patience to wait out for your cocktails.

New Asia Bar
This is one bar where the location is mesmerizing. Instead of calling these the best Dubai bars, we could as well call them Dubai bars with the very best location. This picturesque bar is located in the Raffles, which is a hotel with the shape of a pyramid. The bar has a beautiful and very characteristic ebony statue inside.

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